This article may be geared toward time during lock-down, but it can apply at any point in our pet pals life whether they are cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, or any other species. As an animal communicator I listen to what the animals need. I also listen to their owners and this is what one of my lovely clients inspired me to write.

I have known many of my clients for years now. It never ceases to amaze me at how much I learn. She messaged me and asked for some advice about her new puppy. Being single and with restrictions in place, she was at a bit of a loss on how to socialize her new pet pal.

This made me think and then dig. Many people have opted to introduce new pet pal family members into their homes. So after doing a little research I found that a few of my favorite ways to keep any animal friend in tune with the outside world not only varied but ranged from traditional with a twist to ultra unique.

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The walk!

Traditionally when we take our awesome buds for a walk we meet and chat with other animal lovers. As it stands we may not be able to have nose to tale contact, but we can still use the opportunity to train our fur babies to sit, heal, and work on our social distance manners. This enables our dog dudes and dudettes to still connect (remember they do communicate on more than a physical level, so there is chat going on) and it gives us a chance to put into place polite protocols from their foundational walks. It really can be helpful because everyone is on this train of social distancing which makes it easier all the way around.

The Video date!

Whether via Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, doggy, kitty or any kind of animal date is easy to set up. We did this with my future sister-in-law who lives on Victoria Island B.C, Canada. Having lived with our cats before my man and I moved in together she tends to miss them dearly. So we set up regular dinner dates where we share a recipe beforehand and then cook together as we zip around chasing cats and having discussions on how they have been. It also gives us a chance to catch up with our puppy niece that now resides with her.

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Youtube forever!

A fun way to have a play date with other animals and experience the wild outdoors from the safety and security of your home is…..yes! Youtube videos for your animals. I kid you not! this was my most fun discovery with a simple search like “puppy background videos, or cat tv“. Just like the fireplace videos we all love at Christmas time, caring pet pal owners and lovers have created live cam puppy daycare youtube segments, outdoor wildlife footage, that last anywhere from an hour to 3 hours. Put it on and have a different kind of virtual doggy date. The only downside to this is that your puppy may make friends with his virtual friends and not understand why they can’t come over to play. Easy fix! talk to them. Let them know they are far away and live somewhere else and this is the only way they can visit as soon as you begin your adventures into the world of online pet parties.

This one is really great for when you, their loving owner goes back to work or life outside the home. These videos for separation anxiety and calm will now afford comfort like leaving music on for finicky felines during the day.

Online Pet Parties!

These are a few really awesome things I thought I would share. Foundational time for a puppy or any animal baby is important. By the time they are ready for puppy school, they will be well versed in schmoozing with many species and be renaissance puppies that are well ahead of the socializing game.

Invite some friends, have a glass of wine, and bring your pets to the party. A great way to reminisce about the pets you have, those you’ve had, and those you may want to give a home to in the future. Some people opt to have an animal communicator for a while at these parties or make them the reason for the get-together. One that I went to was awesome. We were able to bring through all kinds of animals that were past and present. They ended the night by all agreeing that they were going to donate money to a charity we had been discussing in the names of all those deceased pets that came through. Fun and meaningful for everyone!

We can make our times positive and give ourselves new ways of living that is not only healthy for us, but our wonderful pet pal families. These are things that will help and I hope you share them with everyone you know.

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