Every so often I have a psychic experience or or special moment that I really feel the need to get down in writing that I feel like sharing…and that would be with you. Tonight is one of those nights.

Omg! I almost lost one of
My pets today!!!!! Thank heavens for those who watch over pet babes! Thank heavens for my awesome connection that I try so hard not to take for granted….

We have a kitty door in our room. It’s new so we supposed a pillow would be enough to discourage our feline fur babies to come in. Today I tested the theory. I gave my best bud Severus his out of tank time.

He kept looking at the door then going about his slithery play time. I heard. “Put him back…” then again a minute later, “…put him back” I started getting edgy so I thought “meh, whatever, okay” and put him back in his cozy digs. At that very moment a very proud kitty came strutting the in like she owned the place, her little panther like brother in toe. I was shaking!

Thank the pet gods I listened. Or I would be down a very special pet pal ??? new way of doing things being discussed at a family chat tonight…thank you goddesses and gods of the snakes! ???

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