Keep safe, Feel safe.

Some of what you are about to read may seem radical. Some may agree, some may not in the re-defining of certain words in this article. unless you really want to feel empowered, and above all safe in your lives, please stop reading now……

Everyone knows I love the feel lifestyle. Everyone knows I believe there are no such things as problems in life only opportunities to learn and grow. Re-defining words and the way we use them is important, simply because words are tools and seeds that we plant in ourselves, others and the world. The Toltecs believed words are magick and could be used to harm or heal. I believe this wholly….

There is a huge difference in keeping safe…ie. washing our hands before and after meals, looking both ways before crossing the road and FEELING SAFE.

This is part of living a FEEL LIFESTYLE and only works with a hand in hand, head and heart together, what works for me will benefit you attitude. I say things like, be selfish, be greedy. These things can actually help you find a sense of feeling safe in a way that is not narcissistic, but compassionate giving an kind. When we first hear that though, there is a cringe. How dare I be either or both…..keep reading…..

Being can selfish benefits others…..Find ways to do things for yourself. For you. Find a reason to clean the kitchen because you want to. Because it gives you a sense of spaciousness and pleasure. Be selfish in that when you cook you cook not only for your family but for you too. When you find a way, something, anything to love or enjoy in whatever circumstance, you then feel empowered and a sense that all is well in the world….safe.

Safe does not begin with us. It began with our parents… and our living circumstances growing up. We continue to propagate what that means for ourselves and for future generations. We depended on mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, teachers to instill what that feeling of safe was. Because they are human and have generations of conditioning themselves, we received from them what they were able to give to us.

Every good parent’s dream is for their children to better them…So better them. Yes, we are generationally conditioned to fear, and worry. We are also human so it is natural. If we didn’t we wouldn’t keep an eye out for the mischievous puppy, or put those annoying little plastic baby safeties all over our homes in places that have no business having them! However, we can mitigate worry and fear so it does not overwhelm our lives. So when we are in times of personal, professional or global crisis we act with a sense of rationale and calm that unties a family or team.

Here are some things that help us to do this.

1. Yes, Be Selfish…As I said above and cannot stress enough. There are two kinds of selfish. One that cares for no one but self to the exclusion of all else, and the other that states…In taking care of me I now can take care of others to a higher degree. In doing this you will have more energy, insight, health, love, yes, money…When I do what I enjoy I call to me others who are of like kind. When I do the things I love, others will benefit. This does not have to be material. It could be a kind word, act, anything. I know an amazing woman who loves to care-give for the elderly, she then goes home, takes an hour of alone time to decompress, has a cup of coffee, reads a book before the hustle and bustle of family dinner that she is now refreshed and ready for. YES! and yes we can all have that.

I have a friend who fixes his old beat-up chevvy knowing it will never run. he loves spending time with “Molly” and it makes him feel good and gives him stories to tell that make others laugh. Actors act because they have an insatiable desire to tell a story, the audience benefits from that. How many times have I heard a musician say, “In order to play the music you have to make love to the instrument” In doing so the ones who truly understand this magick ignite wonder and emotion within all of us. They are not doing it for the audience. They are doing it because their hearts say they have too.

2. Be Greedy… the more you have the more you can share. I am the kind of person that truly believes that greed need not be narcissistic nor a degenerate word in the english language. I am greedy. I love my time alone and sometimes will take well more than my share when I am writing. I will rarely say no to a charity event even if it does not pay and sometimes give a portion if not the whole of the proceeds. There are no expectations, I can’t get enough of my work! Inevitably out of that greed or want to connect to spirits and talk to animals…. for nothing more than doing it and the joy of it, I will gain recognition and clientele. I do make money. That money helps my family and my ability to grow my self, my business, and all else that I require to help others. A great spin-off but not something I hunt for. I hunt for the FUN….my focus is my work, my family, my home. I am greedy for those things and making them better, and When I am focused all else tends to fall into place. I act on my insatiable desire to be creative and because of that I make people laugh, cry, I empower them, and I in return feel safe. I have done something good. I want more and can’t get enough of the work, the people, the joy it brings to me and to others. My family is cared for and tomorrow I can do more of my work even better and now perhaps because of that show, article, or client, and all the learnings that have come from that experience I will be able to give back twice as much as the day or month before.

We are conditioned to believe if we have to much we may not be good people, or we are not smart enough to have the best in life, or our circumstances make us believe we cannot be greedy in the best of ways. There are so many false beliefs. Well, We can be the best of the best whatever that means to us. There is always a way to nurture that. Once its nurtured in one part of our lives, it will flow into others. This is manifestation at its best. Start small, let it grow!

Be that kind of greedy that allows you to do as much of what you love as you can as often as you can. So at the end of the day its what you think about, and the stories that come from it lull you to sleep with a smile.

Do you love to bake? bring people over for a day and have them help you. Teach them your tricks and have them teach you some of theirs. Do more of what you love so you can give back. vacuuming…a seemingly silly example…..My man has made an art of this and loves the end product and will spend copious amounts of time that is stolen only by him by his decree. He is the ONLY one to vacuum…(Now that’s greed and selfishness at its best) My son, the bread boy is the only one allowed to make bread in the house. The aromas and flavours dance on our fortunate palates as he greedily steals away the Stand mixer and creates a mad scientist like laboratory of the kitchen…from which we are maniacally exiled. This kind of greed puts a smile on their faces, pride in their step and makes everyone feel fantastic. This feeling goes out to friends and family, and in my son’s case inspires other young people when he talks of his adventures and brings treats to the lucky few at school:)

Guess what this all leads too!!!! Feeling safe and secure in your world.

Many people have insecurities in relationships. Why? because we have not defined their wants and needs fully before committing to a partner. They do not feel fully in themselves. They do not feel safe. This can be changed young or old.

I have seen so many people as of late looking to themselves and being courageous enough to begin a journey of self-love that begins with….”I would like to…” No demands, just a statement of request that any loving partner will hear and give, or find a compromise with. To the shock of so many, this journey of self-truth and self-care has actually brought their relationships to a deeper place with new conversations, knowings, adventures. For some the parting of ways, but in a peaceful loving and understanding form.

Being selfish and greedy in a healthy productive way does take gentle courage. In the end, it creates bonds and allows everyone to grow and see the truth of who you are and adds to their sense of safety which is then shared with the world and generations to come.

Until next time…Stay in Tune…and Stay Blogged in


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