To tell you the truth…

…..Life is great!!!

I find that even if I have challenges in life I can surmount them effortlessly thanks to what my work has taught me. How to be fearless and more importantly truthful.

 I don’t really have a choice. I cannot afford to be afraid of speaking my voice or acting on how I feel. My job as a psychic depends on it in order to do the best for my audiences and clients. I listen and deal with each exciting and fun situation as it comes.

This learning has filtered into my personal life as well. I am committed to what I need because I know that commitment is not only for me but for my family.

I have unknowingly trained myself to listen to my heart, and most importantly act on it. See, that’s the trick! I preach all the time that in our society we listen to our hearts, but never act on them. Our hearts say, “I am hungry,” But then we push the desire of our spirit aside and say, ” I will eat later”. We do this with so much, in every aspect of our lives.

We constantly put ourselves aside for others instead of letting them know that we just can’t be there at that moment. It has nothing to do with not caring or loving them, but because something in our spirits are saying it is not the right timing. It may even have nothing to do with us. In honouring ourselves that person may have a learning waiting for them. We need to recognize that our spirit knows better than we do because it is taking its cue from a higher source.

When we begin to have the courage to honour ourselves, we loving tell our head that it needs to play nice and listen to our hearts for a while It may feel like it’s taking the back seat, but we will find that magickally our lives begin to flow and fall into place more effortlessly than before.

I have found that even if someone disagrees with you, speaking the truth will give you both what you need in the end. The universe will provide for everyone in the most stunning of ways!

The movie “The Secret” talks about how to visualize what you wish to manifest. That you must feel the desire and know that it is yours. This is true, but if we wish to make it simple all we have to say is, “What is your truth?” “Do you truly desire what it is you are asking for?” ” Are you truly committed to what you are saying?” Stop for a moment before speaking and ask yourself is this really my truth? can I really stand by it? if you can, you will feel it in your core. You will manifest the most amazing things in every aspect of your life emotionally, materially and otherwise.

This truly is the trick. What is your truth, what do you need and desire in each moment?w I cannot stress enough the importance of this seemingly insignificant and small change that you are being asked to consider. It will make you fearless.

Many business owners and successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they owe their success to following their gut even when all odds seemed against them. They stood by their truth and it turned out well. If something seemingly falls apart you need to ask yourself if you really wanted what you were after.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be a tyrant or inflexible. It means that you know what it is you want from the cereal you eat in the morning to the clothes you wear, the friends you keep, or the job you choose to have in your life.

If you speak your truth you will find you will never have to be aggressive or have to raise your voice. Those who know the truth can quietly speak it in any situation.

Many people will say “Well, my truth isn’t your truth.” If you are speaking what you truly feel then it becomes a universal truth. There is no mine and yours. The universe doesn’t care. Creator always has the best intentions for us, but the more specific we are with our intentions the faster you will manifest.

When you first start this journey it may look like your life is falling apart, it is not. That’s the perception that something is wrong. Your life is merely reshaping to a new high vibration, one of the highest you could possibly be on. It makes you fearless and those around you will feel it.

some will be able to handle this new energy you are putting out, some will not. Your workplace may begin to feel better or like an old shoe that doesn’t fit. You may feel restless with the home you live in. These are signs that you are changing. Living your truth takes courage. But once the rebirth into this new way of living and being is complete, you will feel like an amazing swan that has come into its beauty.

I see so many people who think they are lost, no one is lost, they just need to be more specific with what they want out of life. We may have many interests in our lives, but when we find that one desire that stands out and begin to chase that dream (hobby or profession), with passion then we will achieve great heights.

The truth makes us specific. It helps us to be committed, alleviates sadness, gives us direction, fills us with passion for all situations and it gives us a deep understanding and deeper insights. Your new found courage will help you find love and joy in every aspect of your life. It will touch the lives of others and you will make the difference in this world that you have come here to make.

seems simple? it is. Tell the truth.

Until Next Time….Stay In Tune, And Stay Blogged In.


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