About Me

Hi! I’m Angel! love to talk about being psychic! It’s one of my favourite topics. Why? It’s Kool! Period. end of story.

I love sharing the experiences of other psychics, telling people what its like to be a psychic teen (not that I am one anymore). I know lots and work with lots, so I can’t wait to give you their perspective!

I’m also the mom and a girlfriend and have those responsibilities too. So, this is my place to let people know that when they have psychic experiences its normal.

I’m also finding that psychics don’t like to talk about the taboo stuff. topics like skeptics, what happens when we doubt ourselves (which we do). What happens when we get sick or criticized (which we do). How do we deal with the challenge of those who don’t respect our work or intention? How do we deal with the fakes…because they do exist!

I love my work, my friends, my family, my life. Here you are going to find my blogs and the blogs of others. So Stay in tune, and stay blogged in!



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