I  try to make what I have to say as meaningful as this subject of being intuitive is so important to me.

Recently, I have had conversations with people that have been quite interesting. I have had to really think about Energy work and what I am within it.

What does that mean? Well, when we think of Energy workers we think of those who cleanse and clear, help people through their traumas, and try to attain enlightenment for themselves and others.

I do these things, yes. My awareness of how human I am and the expectations of me because of what I do tho are in conflict. Or are they?

I am not perfect. No one expects me to be. However, I am not like those Energy workers who try to dole out love, light and harmony with every breathe they take.

I have my bad days and I acknowledge them. I have made mistakes in relationships and had bad mom moments. I swear (workin on that) I don’t drink much, but enjoy my ice wines and will have my girls nights watching Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan with a good bottle of blush with reckless abandon.

I am not a saint. I argue with my 14-year-old and I sulk at times. I’m human. I’ve come to the point where the last chapter of the book 4 agreements makes total sense to me. In those moments when we neglect to watch our words, when we make assumptions, take it personally, I no longer hear myself say “maybe I shouldn’t be doing this for a living, I’m not good enough” (and we all do think that at times) I forgive myself and move on.

We are not gurus, ascended masters, and yes should always strive to be our best selves, but in our flaws we are. This is where our learnings come from that make us better lightworkers.

I am a psychic and my sarcastic quirky ways don’t make me etheric and demure or quiet. O well, I am me and as long as great spirit accepts that I am not going to get fired and will do my job with all the fun and joy i can muster.

Remember we are here to be messengers and helpers. Humour in our work is ok, directness is ok. Being you is more than ok.

Let me know what you think and what your take on this is in the comments below!

Stay in tune, and stay blogged in!

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3 thoughts on “Let me be candid about who we are.

  1. Thank you for your words. Sometimes it feels lonely being a lightworker. Sometimes it feels really unfair in terms of expectations, especially internal expectations. Sometimes I feel like I’m not really a lightworker, that it is some kind of conceit I talked myself into. But when we recognize each other the doubt vanishes. I still resist the last chapter of the Four Agreements. But I know I am a lightworker.

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