…Don’t expect them to have their reading glasses on.

A Seer is very different in their psychic day to day life than they are at home, or if you meet them on the street. Most of us cannot turn it off and on at will. Those of us who can still need to focus on the situation. The odd time, spirit will deem something so important that our spidey senses will go off in the strangest of places, at which time we pay particular attention to our surroundings and what our abilities and posse are trying to tell us. We know something is afoot.

We do take downtime. We don’t turn off our abilities. We can’t. No one can. Some of us turn it down, others only have access to their gifts when necessary and deemed fit by the powers that be. I am of the former. I turn it up and down at will. I am not good at being put on the spot though. I tend to try too hard, go to fast, and not be focused. I will get answers, but it will be fuzzy. I like to be in my space.

What does that mean? Each psychic sets up a certain energy for themselves when they read. I can read anywhere, anytime, but I am definitely at my best in front of an audience or at my office when given a few quiet moments to really tune in beforehand. I take about 10-15minutes to welcome spirit, turn up my abilities to high and ask that I be given me specifics I need to help whomever I am to encounter.

So, what’s it like to be at home? I suck at the material everyday stuff. I lose my keys like many people and sometimes my communication skills on the simplest of things are terrible! I am not the best grocery shopper in the world, and I have my insecurities like everyone else. As Angel the psychic I have confidence and feel a different kind of empowerment than I feel at home. In the public eye, it is me and spirit for the client and audience. At home, it is me and spirit, my family, my friends, my obligations and soooooooo much more. I feel great in both roles. They are definitely different.

At home, I am Angel, not Angel the psychic. Having said that, I do cheat when I remember too. I ask my angels to help find my keys, glasses or whatever other objects I may have misplaced. More times than not I will even ask the angels to give me the words I need to express myself well in my personal life…not something I seem to need to do when I am in the zone at work. That’s the key though, remembering to do the work when I am not at work. At home I forget to carry my crystals, or that I can literally tell the cat to stop clawing at the carpet. I am reminded at times by my mate “your the animal communicator, why aren’t you communicating!” lol! He’s right. I forget. I am being at home Angel.

It’s not even a matter of being tired and not wanting to bring my work home with me. I am a psychic. It is my lifestyle. I don’t have to work on a computer or need a hammer to build with. It is a part of me that is at my beck and call and I rarely get sick of utilizing it.

I feel now more than any other time in my life the difference between my psychic self and my everyday self. They are one in the same and yet, so very different, and I love it. At home, I am kooky and I love my alone time. I love cuddling with my cats, my mate, my son, I love watching movies like everyone else and I don’t decorate my house with crystal balls and fun sayings about being a psychic. (although admittedly,  I use to have the fun signage:)).

I don’t have visions as often as I used to because I don’t need to. If I want them,  I will ask for them. If I do need them, they will give them to me if I like it or not. I have also set up my home so that I don’t have transient spirits come wandering in and out making a train station out of my humble abode. This would not good for anyone.

Even if family members are not “psychic” they will still feel something, an accumulation of energy that is not conducive to any space, house or otherwise. It can create a very chaotic environment that can be felt, if not seen by those who dwell or work within.

This creates an added interesting twist to my life. I have a gifted child in the teen years (which is when a young energetic is at one of their peaks in life), and a psychic partner…yyyyyyeah. So doubly important for me to keep our home grounded.

Living as a psychic and with a psychic can be challenging. Our way of life is not chosen, as this is who we are…and is chosen, we have decided along the way to develop it. Which means we need those around us who understand. Really tough to find. I am one of the fortunate, blessed and charmed few. Please understand though, like many, It took me a great journey to get here.

talking to me is hard sometimes too. I look at most things through the eyes of spirit. I look at things emotionally and spiritually and sometimes neglect the physical and mental. I am working on that with help of my partner and friends. I challenge myself to be more process-oriented than product orient. I see the outcome, but what about the journey getting there? easy to see for others, challenging to live the lessons ourselves. I am learning to slow down, as when I work I am given information so fast, that I have learned to process it and act on it quickly using my gut more than my head. Sometimes it is necessary to use both in our day to day circumstances. I am getting better at that too. why this change? I am growing up. I am learning as a mature adult and psychic that it is awesome to have the edge on things, but the process can be outstanding and help to appreciate the end product that much more. I have always found this difficult, I am grateful to everyone in my life that is gently helping me with those lessons.

Connecting the 4 levels of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual can be difficult for any intuitive because spirit is so easy and simple. It feels good to be in that flow and energy. It is our expertise. As we mature though if we are lucky we come across those who teach us that the physical world of every day…going to get the car fixed, dealing with doctors appointments, insurance people etc. is not so scary.

Our everyday life need not collide with our psychic selves. It can be integrated. We need to balance them with the understanding by all that we will always be different in the space then out and about town.

So, the next time you see a psychic you know on the street, know they will more than likely be happy to see you and converse with you. They will feel different and maybe even act a weeee bit differently than when they are at work. They may be a bit more shy, or awkward. They may not remember your reading in the moment as well as they would when they are in the room with spirit reading you. They may not even be able to read you there and then. They still want to know you, be around you and care about you. We are who we are and we want to be of service in any way we can.

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