We have all been in positions that are questionable. Psychics were young too.

With the holiday’s upon us I thought it would be interesting to talk about psychics during festive season and when they are young and stupid:)

Imagine seeing things more clearly, more intensely. For most intuitives, drinking is not like that. It shuts us down. Only a few of us will heighten. Why this happens is still not understood.

I am the latter…lucky me. I have psychic experiences on a regular basis, but the clarity when under the influence?!?…outstanding!

In my youth I experimented to see if different alcoholic beverages changed visions or intensity. Nope…not one bit.

I would look out onto the street during a party after a few glasses of wine and see shadowy figures standing mysteriously under street lamps. My friends, whose expressions of confusion could not be hidden, would then confirm…there was no one there.

We are channels and need to keep the channels clear.

I try to live a lifestyle conducive to my work. Most times I Eat well, sleep well, and exercise. I love nature, and find it heightens my sensitivities.

So, if alcohol helps my visions then why not drink more? Ahhhhh, there’s the rub! It feels like crap afterward and can affect readings adversely for days. Crap work, little connection, no deep insight…not worth it.

On the flip side, many gifted people feel unsafe and bombarded by energetic information. They don’t know what’s happening and turn to addictive substances or self-harm to cope with amazing abilities that, if nurtured correctly, open up worlds of wonder, creativity and brilliance.

we live in a society that, until recently, has had little to no understanding or interest in those with heightened abilities.

Instead of turning to the “devil’s own” more people now safely explore realms of the unknown, using their natural abilities in positions of leadership and note.

Guidance is now available to sensitives who will be nurtured to love themselves, so we can create a stronger, better more intuitive world.

Cheers! Have a great holiday everyone!

3 thoughts on “When a psychic gets drunk

  1. Thanks for this post, Angel. I always thought that alcohol would make a psychic vulnerable to lower entities. I believe it does for anyone that is at a low point. This was such an interesting article. Thank you for not drinking alcohol. I believe you are always on call for spirits and that’s why you need a clear head.

    Lorraine Fletcher

  2. i! New here, but love the posts that I’ve read so far. I came across this one after googling this specific issue. I’ve always been someone that’s had “the gift” or however you want to put it. I’ve had issues with addiction for years, off & on. When I was younger, I thought that i did it to block that part of me out because I was scared of it. I’m a bit older now, and am doing well, but still drink more than the average person. I, too, have experiences on a daily basis regardless, but I also feel that I’m most connected to the other side when I drink!? I’ve never physically seen them, but I KNOW when someone is around. Dreams can be more vivid and pliable as well. I have several family members who have died & alcoholism runs in my family. Although others do come through, I feel like I know for a fact when my grandma Frida who struggled with alcoholism is with me when I have a few drinks. But, I agree with you 100% & love how you put it, “if nurtured correctly, open up worlds of wonder…” So, thanks for the post I really resonated with it!

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