When a psychic gets drunk

With the holiday season upon us I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what a psychic is like in company, during festivities and when they are young and stupid:)

We have all been in positions that are questionable. Psychics were young too you know.

I will tell you though, getting drunk as a psychic is NOT the same as if you are someone whose lifestyle is more “normal”.

Nope! Imagine seeing things more clearly, more intensely. For most intuitive people it’s not like that. alcohol will shut us down. For the lucky few though (I say this sarcastically), it is quite the opposite.

I learned this lesson some time ago. It’s why I rarely drink.

Seeing spirits while sober is one thing. Seeing them while inebriated…quite the other.

I have, in my youth, before I realized who I was, looked out onto the street during a party after a few glasses of very red wine to see people or shadowy figures standing mysteriously under street lamps. I would then find out by friends, whose expressions of confusion could not be hidden, that I was the only one experiencing these apparitions.

I see these things on a regular basis. however, the clarity with which I was seeing them now was outstanding!

Psychics have many things that can trigger heightened senses.

most shut down when feeling tipsy. Others open up. Why this happen s  still not understood. I am the latter. Yip, lucky me. In my youth I experimented with whether or not one poison was more likely to elicit more visions over another. Nope. Not one bit.

I drank to see what would happen, I would note carefully (as carefully as I could) my experiences as they occurred.

Readers and healers alike will correctly say we are channels and need to keep the channels clear. This is true. I live a lifestyle conducive to my work. I Eat well, sleep well, try to exercise and try to parent well. I also love the outdoors, which I find really helps my abilities.

So, if alcohol helps my visions then why not stick to it. Ahhhh there’s the rub! It feels like crap afterward and can affect readings adversely for a few days following….sooooo not worth it. Also, I have found that energetics who are opened up by substances such as wine, whiskey etc. with age, are no longer able to become fully intoxicated, yet, the outcome of the following days are the same. Crap work, little connection, no deep insight.

On the flip side, I find more often than not, many gifted readers and energetics are addicts. Some enjoy their luxuries of one kind or another a bit more than most. It tends to dampen their abilities. We live in a society that hasn’t understood and has had no real interest until now, in nurturing people of this kind. Some have gone insane with what they see. Others are terrified or were made to feel outcast. Some Empaths especially, because they feel deeply, think they need to find a way to cope through substance abuse. This is not true by any means.

There are ways to focus and harness our abilities. Protections that allow us to feel and see only that which is necessary, instead of being bombarded by information, visions and the like. Young people needn’t go through there teens wondering if they are crazy or isolate themselves because they are energetically feeling overstimulated.

Our society has become more aware and accepting. Kids and adults talk freely about experience and heritage. More and more young people are asking questions and exploring safely the realms of the unknown. Thanks to the internet and those who are adept in the energetic arts we are seeing more and more reputable teachers who are willing to take time with the new generation of healers and psychics.

We are seeing many energetics in strong positions of leadership. Creatives, business people, teachers and more who are using their abilities in everyday positions of note. It’s amazing!

This can also create sadness. As we become more aware we see the world and the state it’s in , and we feel it. The young ones ask where our world heading? What are we leaving leaving them and.our generations to come? Younger, more aware adults are taking those feelings and taking action. Volunteering, writing, using their voices wherever they can to make a small difference, instead of turning to the “devil’s own”. These people are awakening and not becoming fluff bunny new Ager’s, but contributing members of society who have chosen to focus their natural abilities and who only need the wonders of their vocations, family, and nature to open up and sustain a healthy connection to spirit and the earth.

In essence the clearer we are the more connected we are. To focus our abilities or heighten them the only thing we really need is us, and to reach out to those like us so we can grow into the best selves we can be.

Cheers! Have a great holiday everyone!

and don’t forget…

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1 thought on “When a psychic gets drunk

  1. Thanks for this post, Angel. I always thought that alcohol would make a psychic vulnerable to lower entities. I believe it does for anyone that is at a low point. This was such an interesting article. Thank you for not drinking alcohol. I believe you are always on call for spirits and that’s why you need a clear head.

    Lorraine Fletcher

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