I woke up forgetting that I had scheduled an instagram post days before. Sleepy, my first thought was “Yes! a day off!!” I turned over slugish with delight to see what time it was and if my wonderful and ever attentive asst had given me the heads up on the the previous days events.

To my shock I saw over 50 comments on instgram. my first thought…”Hubba Wha?!?” I had forgotten that I had scheduled an offer in which I would read peoples spirit plant, animal, stone, and element…..Well, so much for my day off lol!

I was surprised and happy. I love to read. It was one flurried request after another ” i would love to know mine, can I have mine please, mine too!” I loved it. I would tap in and with each one the totems came quicker and quicker, more rapidly than before. I caught up so quickly that I actually began to answer them in real time. It was awesome!

What was even better is that I was learning. Crazy thing….I would hear the name of a stone I never heard of, see an animal like sand lizard and have to go research it to make sure I wasn’t seeing things only to find out they existed! This happened for three days, on and on until at 768 people it finally began to peter out. It was a phenomenal experience and reinforced to me that when we do for others, we truly do for ourselves.

What I found amazing too what that there were so few repetitions. each was unique and not many people had the same totem in any category. I also found that there weren’t as many common animals in the grand list of wonderful participants. I don’t think I got a canary or cockotail once!

What was really kool to note too was the amount of amazing men that asked for their totems. These guys were great. It was so nice to see a mix of open minded people who wanted to deepen their knowledge of themselves.

So now what? What happens I thought now that they all had their totems? What do they do with them? Well, hopefully, they will read this article…..:)

The spirit tree, or spirit story is your story. With each piece of information you have it builds a strong picture of who you are, in some cases who you were in a past life, and what you have to offer the world on this earth walk.

There are many totems that go beyond the ones that were assigned in that post. we can add herb, colour, country, instrument, and so on. Its amazing how focused the story can look.

Totems can be one way the universe gives you clues and insights as to why you are here and even what your past lives have been. I know a boy whose astrilogical sign is Capricorn and his chinese sign is ram. In a past life it was found he was a farmer that had two goats that he loved, but were also mischevous and the bane of his existance. His signs were not only to tell him of his disposition and who he is, but also a snippet into a life once led.

It amazes me how many people will go out and research their totems and recognize themselves. They will have that revelatory moment of finally understanding that they do certain things a certain way, or are attracted to certain jobs, foods, hobbies, people, because they are influenced by one or more of their spirit totems.

There are many ways to research a totem once you have them. Books, internet, medicine people, meditations are a few. For those who do wish to go deeper into their meaning, the internet is a great place to start!

Finding out the definition of an animal in detail can help you in your quest to find the perfect career. For example dolphin people are fantastic with kids, horse people make wonderful child and youth councillors or healers, snake and raven people are amazing psychics, and mice are accountants or runners.

For those of us still searching there are a few ways to find out too.

  1. go to a psychic or medicine person
  2. Take a book of whatever it is you are looking for (plant, animal etc.) open the book randomly and see if it resonates. This however, can also be used to show you what animal spirit is working with you at the time to help you in whatever phase of life you are in so be sure to ask to find your totem before you do this exercise. Intention is everything
  3. Meditation or journey to find your spirit animal. This can be done individually and as a group.
  4. oracle cards (like an animal deck) ask what your totem is and see what they say

I was asked how can we validate our spirit totems? Anyone can say “your a beaver”, or “you have otter medicine”.

This is my favourite part. ASK. ask for a sign or something to validate the truth of what you are being told. You should be doing this leg work because taking anything at face value can feel superficial. Validation enriches the reading and your confidence in this work.

Who do you ask? Angels are my fave. I will ask “Whatever angels are out there of the light, I give you permission and ask that you send me a sign that ___________ is my spirit totem”

For those of you who don’t work with angels you can ask “whoever of the light that wants to help me out, I give you permission to give me a sign that __________is my totem”.

The beauty of these statements is that you can use them for so much more than confirming your totem. What if you have a life question? You can say the above and get a sign about whether you are on the right track with a relationship, job, friendship, situation. Its awesome!!!

I did this with my animal guides. I work with two wolf brothers. And if I am in a fix I will ask to see them. One time I was on the highway feeling rather distressed by a call I had recieved and wondering if my life was on track. All of a sudden a huge dodge ram raced in front of me cutting me off. My initial reaction was not pleasant until I was stopped dead in my tracks. On the back window as a HUGE decal of two wolves, one peaceful the other on alert and snarling….My brothers. Needless to say I sent the driver that nearly put me into the guard rails every blessing I could imagine. That moment changed my attitude, my decision making process and perhaps my life in the most beneficial of ways.

Reading up on these things is great. However, asking about them is better. If you know some of your totems, each night before you go to sleep you can close your eyes and ask to meet them, either in your dreams or in a vision before sleeping. Rest and relax, let spirit do the rest.

Knowing our totems gives us a piece of mind. A certainty of where our lives are going, where it has been and if we are on the right track. It helps us to know others and how to respond to them, and what our connection is to the earth.

We are here to tell our stories, so it is important that we make every effort to find out what they are. Totems are keys and tools to be used wisely and with great joy, as well as sense of sharing. Tell your story proudly regardless of if you are a lion, a cockroach or an eel. They, we all have our job and our place. Each creature and story is beautiful and ultra important. Be happy for you are and what you have and see yourself flourish in ways you couldn’t possibly even imagine.

Until next time….

Stay In Tune, and Stay Blogged In….



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