The 4 Types Of Client….Which One Are You?

I woke up last night with a plethora (one of my favorite words these days) of ideas for articles. One of them is my favorite topic skeptics, and non-believers. So, Today I think I’m just going to jump into it.

We all have our place in the world. Believers, non-believers, psychic, healers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, moms, dads, all of us.

For a psychic though, there are 4 types of clients.


These are the people who have no interest in being psychic, knowing psychics and in fact think psychics can be quite dangerous (in some cases extremely true). These people, in my opinion, are to be admired. WHA?!?! a psychic admiring someone who could potentially put them out of business, laugh at them, and have made some people fear reading at all?!?!

These are the people, whether many psychics admit it or not, who contribute to making psychics fear being wrong. And so they should be. Non-believers keep us real. and if we are real and legit then there is nothing to fear from a non-believer and we can begin to recognize and be grateful for the fact that the majority of them ARE TRYING TO PROTECT the average person from fraudulent readers.

One of my favorite non-believers was James Randi, an illusionist in the 60’s and 70’s who made it his mission to debunk spiritualists and psychics of all sorts. They made a documentary about his journey called “An Honest Liar”. In my eyes he went a bit to far in the end, however, it was he that made me really begin to appreciate the non-believer.

For some, their hate on for psychics and healers and those in the energetic strata does come from fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the intangible, fear of ghosts. Some actually come from jealousy. Those who wish to have heightened gifts. I say heightened because we are all to one degree or another intuitive.


or “The curious”.

These are the on-the-fencers who don’t know what to believe. They come into the office and sit with their arms or legs crossed or both.  Some, come in just for a bit of fun. Many in this category have un-nurtured abilities that creep up and present themselves every once in a while. These are the ones that need the tangible proof. They are usually the ones that have to hear, see, smell, taste and/or touch it before they believe in anything esoteric. At times they want to show pony a psychic to see if they are real. This use to upset me. Until I learned from a great psychic that a good psychic smiles and simply reads.

Bing a skeptic is actually a great way of being. why? They don’t hang off our every word (we will get to those clients in a bit). They are curious, yet cautious. These are the fun people. These are the ones who not only keep us real but will question us and keep us on track in a reading. I love these people!!! They also make a good reader think. After a session, I find I am the most changed by these people. My focus is a bit more heightened because they are nervous and a bit hesitant, so it may take a bit more time and effort. Admittedly, sometimes they make me a bit nervous because they can be stoic in their sitting posture when they first come in. yet,  as the session goes on and I bring through little bits of private or secreted away information, they begin to relax. They become sincerely friendly and sometimes even start to laugh. This is my goal with a skeptic. To let them know they are safe. it’s okay to question, and it’s better for both of us if they are honest about whether or not something resonates with them.


Wow! what can I say. When people come in they want the psychic to be right. They want the information to be accurate. That, after all, is why clients sit with a reader. They want answers.

My thing is, I want to give you the truth. I can’t read a closed book (altho, I do know how to open it;)) And I don’t want to think I am right if I am not. This is where these clients confuse me……to no end. I am a reader, I can feel if I need to go deeper with guides and guardians to get an answer, or if I am on track with what I giving a client. So when I have someone sitting in front of me bobbing their head agreeing with every word I say I truly, and politely will stop and say “does this resonate with you?” eight times out of ten the answer is “kind of” or “sort of”. I will stop, and ask does it or doesn’t it? Yes or no. If yes, fantastic we can continue, if no, it gives me the opportunity to tune in more deeply and get more specific. And THAT ladies and gentleman of the blog reading world is truly why people come to see us………Specifics. Names, dates, places, future, past. Little juicy tidbits that no one else would know so that they know three things. 1. this is real 2. the answers they are getting will help them in their lives, and 3. They are not wasting their money. Fair enough I think.


These people can be defined in many ways, open, on the path, enlightened. These are the cool, calm, collected people who come in with no real expectations willing to see what spirit has to offer. These are the ones who sit with arms open, sometimes a cappuccino in one hand and say “You start, and let’s go from there” God, these people are a blessing. They question a little, feel solid even when they are going through the worst of times because they know that there is something bigger then them at work even if they can’t label it. They are easy to converse with and don’t try show pony the reader and make them prove their gifts like others may. They take away the messages, keep what resonates and let go of that which does not serve.

In the End

Many walk away with readings that may haunt them, and readings can influence decisions. Remembering, as the open client would, that we are in control of our destinies and readings about the future can be changed is integral to receiving a good reading. That, and finding a good reader that resonates with you. (read: tips on how to find a good and honest reader). We give the information, so you can choose your path with strength and a sense of empowerment.  In closing, remember the best clients are the ones who can be themselves, be open, and be willing to have some fun.

Until next time……stay in tune, stay Blogged in.


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3 thoughts on “The 4 Types Of Client….Which One Are You?

  1. Hello, this looks like it will be an interesting site. I was a bit disappointed when I read your blog about “Psychic Clients” however, because I thought it would address clients who had their own psychic abilities (whether merely acknowledged, embraced, actively pushed away, or denied in spite of indications). The title of your blog should have been “My Various Kinds of Clients as a Psychic.” Do you think you could actually write one about “My Psychic Clients?” Some think we are all psychic to some extent, although some are more powerfully in tune with this. How does this effect your readings? How do you work with them? How many ask you for guidance in this area? Are you comfortable providing this?

    1. Hi Gordaon!

      I am grateful to you for your reply, and your honesty! I have that in mind to write. I struggled with the title, so thank you for the validation. however, if you have mentioned it others feel that too. So I will consider changing it.
      Thank you! And yes, I do think we all have ability. I was talking with someone about that just last night in fact! it is to what degree or another.


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