I have had many moments when I have felt like I had nowhere to turn for answers. One of the things my path as a psychic, healer, writer, mom….. has taught me is to look to me first.

Before you go out looking for answers from a reader make sure you have sat down your own truth.

Most times my job is to validate and confirm what the person in front of me already knows. We both feel joyful when readings are on par with what they have planned.  I love seeing my clients change, feel good, empowered and gaining clarity in their lives. This comes because there is a journey that has happened waaaaaaay before they stepped into my office.

When the long soulful strolls and alone time doesn’t seem to be enough anymore, it may be time to sit down with a good friend for coffee or a trusted family member. After that, you can start considering a visit with someone like me.

I am not here to fix problems. I am here to facilitate clarity. A good reader helps you see what you already know, or tap into spirits that may be able to help you get over the hump to your goals and well being.

There ARE fakes, frauds and snake oil salesman. Finding someone reputable can be one of the scariest things you do.

Here are a few ways to tell if a psychic is right for you...

They are reading you as soon as you walk in.

Be wary of the those asking too many questions. This is called phishing.Good readers will begin to see quickly and give specifics about you, your family etc. they couldn’t know.

 If a reader says something that scares you.

Walk out. THAT IS NOT OUR JOB! I cannot stress this enough!!! WE, as readers and spirit walkers are here to heal, guide and empower.

Disheveled, space unkempt or speak dismissively? politely walk away. We are here to help, it costs nothing to be nice.

Those who cannot afford readings should not be excluded.

Readers do charity functions. Some animal communicators work with shelters. Some mediums work with hospices. In my case, I do readings on the air.  And if you are a reader reading this, those are some ideas for you to give back.

You resonate with each other.

It’s about you. Make sure you feel comfortable. Ask questions when setting up an appt. *How long have you been reading? * Where have you read? *Do you have references? Look them up on their website if they have one. Don’t choose based on age. Some young readers are awesome and need a chance.


There is no competition. We all read differently. find someone who fits. If you have a friend who has a reader they like, great! Referrals are fantastic!!! that ‘s the best way to find psychics. You have the same vibe as your tribe, so a name coming from someone you know may help.


Until next time…..Stay in tune, and stay blogged in!


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