The techno psychic

We are bio computers. We network with one another and download each other’s information in seconds!

Laugh if you will….I love the new age we are in. It is so much easier to connect to people and help so many in this age of cyber space.

I have seen so many state the electromagnetic this and that will interfere with our ability to connect to spirit….?’Hubba wha?!?!…..are we so linear as to think that phones and watches and those things that are electronic are going to get in the way of infinite and omniscient powers that be???

If they want to talk to us, brother I am telling you they will get the message across one way or another!

Having said that, I do find it polite to turn our phones to silent and for some wearing a watch may be detrimental to the technology. I, for one, cannot wear watches. As a child, I could not understand why for the life of me papa Smurf’s little watch arms would not work together to tell me what time it was. It was horrible as I kept missing my favourite episodes of Flash Gordon (yes I’m letting my geek show).

I’m a Gemini, I love technology and integrating it wherever I can. I used to love young people who were exploring paganism proudly show the stored and precious information of their BOS (book of shadows) on a USB stick dangling freely from a key chain… Kool! Talk about spells at your finger tips!

Scoff if you like, I don’t care, I think it’s Kool when we adapt to our environment and integrate all we are given. To me that is the point.

If I adhered to a non techno lifestyle on my work, a myriad of people all over the world would not be able to reach my particular energy. Yes, they can find someone in their area…psychics are everywhere….it’s about how we resonate. I have reached out far and beyond to medicine people in Peru for healing at times because their culture had to offer what I required at that point in my life. Distance healing is awesome!

Finding people we trust to do this work is of the utmost importance as I state in my article on this topic How to choose your psychic.

So if my Trinidadian friend refers her sister or brother in Tobago, as much as I would love to fly there, it is far more cost effective to Skype or WhatsApp!

Welcome to the new generation….

I live with an IT guy. It’s fun to watch to him whirl through screens and screens of data as he types away and talks to others wirelessly all over the world in a language I half understand. It’s Kool!

We are bio computers. We network with one another and download each other’s information in seconds! The only difference is that I can read the programme. If I can’t I go to my IT team…my guides, guardians, angels, ancestors, or yours. They trouble shoot send me the data and i relay it to you….the client.

Everything in life is a reflection of our inner being. So it stands to reason that computers and technology are merely a reflection of us….the bio computer…manifested in this material world.

Connecting to that to work on a spiritual level is to be embraced as part of being whole.

We have no problem saying that the material world has to integrate with the spiritual and emotional to be well rounded, but then shy away when we have an opportunity to integrate the other way around.

I LOVE technology. I love being at home with my coffee, power beats in my ear reading for someone in Perugia or Malta. It’s awesome! Why not?

I teach that the only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves. That being the case technology, given the chance can open up our world USED RESPONSIBLY.

I love the show American Gods. The book was written by Neil Gaiman and is about the idea that our belief in the old world and old ways are dying out to make way for the new gods….technology. It truly is a fantastic cultural journey into religion, different spiritualities, the debates and philosophies of so many! It’s well done and terrifying too. If we lose our traditions, our beliefs than what?

I propose we don’t. We can, in moderation, work hand in hand with the new way. I still sit under the moon after a long day of writing about the esoteric and talk to her about my fears and joys and wants and needs. I still attend ceremonies that include the sacredness of the pipe and those who call on Condor Medicine.

However, if I deny this tech part of myself I am not whole. I am not able to share this article with you.

So, to those who are interested in only the purist forms of energy I ask you to tap into and mediate on Metatron. He of the sacred Geometry. He will teach those who are interested how to integrate both worlds. (He rocks!)

Science and technology are a part of spirituality…a no-no statement in some circles. Not mine. If we are to be whole considering technology as an asset may change our views on how to utilize it. We may start to see it as less of an enemy and not shy away from the spirit applications it can be used for. We can be friendlier to the earth by creating friendlier technology that works with her instead of Destroy her. Our attitudes towards technology creates the technology we have. Spirit walkers may want to consider this….

How do you feel about this new age, these new gods?

How can we work with them rather than succumb to mindless worship?

Our job is to see the unique perspectives and find ways of creating a more whole and sustainable existence. We can’t unless we embrace all aspects of us too.


Until Next time!

Stay In Tune…and Stay Blogged In!

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