Our thoughts are beginning to slowly turn to the next step…post isolation, what about the animals?

At the beginning of isolation life we moved from the confusion of suddenly being home, to the comforting knowledge that when our beloved pet pals wake up we will be there, they will get extra walks, cuddles and scratches.

In some cases, sleeping in, or extra feedings became the norm. Some Pet pals were luxuriating without the chaos of mom, dad, brother and sis busily readying themselves for work or school.

However, Those who preferred the solitude of their pre Covid – 19 daily routine of protecting and running the house, started feeling unnecessary and suffered anxiety due to the increase foot traffic at home.

changes in the behaviour of our pets. Have been good and concerning.

many pets asked why their parents were all suddenly home! They wondered if they had done something wrong because doggy park or pet sitter time had stopped.

Now that we are going back to our lives an influx of pets will want to know why mom and dad are leaving again? and may query …was it me?

Animals like humans have languages of love.

keeping animals harmonious through these times is important.

Here are some pointers on what to do to mitigate feelings of loneliness, confusion and depression that may set in.

1. Talk to them…let them know now what is happening and what to expect. People were getting sick and because of that we all had to stay home. Let them know you love them it was temporary.

2. Use Rescue Remedy… Place a few drops Bach Rescue Remedy on your hand and pet your pet pal with it for 3 days before you go back to work, and 3 days after. It will help smooth the transition and can have positive affects.

3. Know your animals love language… There are many ways to find your pet pals love language. It Will help you determine the best way to communicate with your pet pal.

4. Animal communications… Get your animal communicated with. whether they are birds, reptiles, horse, dogs, cats or arachnids, It can be done through many platforms and may give you a sense of what they are going through. Giving them the opportunity to ask questions will put everyone at ease and help to create an action plan for the times ahead.

understanding that we are all navigating this time together will help each phase and transition feel easier, more loving and become an opportunity to grow and nurture our pet pal relationships.


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