When I began my journey as an animal communicator I had no idea how it would change me.

I scoffed at the notion of being able to connect to an animal so deeply. Part of me was scared that if it was real I would be seen as crazy. Secretly, a bigger part of me would have been devastated if I found out that it really was a the fairytale I had been conditioned to believe.

I cautiously entered this new realm, and found with each communication my life opened up to a new and colourful world where cinematic scenes seemed to come to life. A dog looked at me and I could hear it, a bird shook its wings and I could feel it, bowing to a horse Led to him bowing back in response.

Little by little as I got to know them, I got to know me. My relationship with the world was changing, but more importantly how I saw myself was too.

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I want people to understand we are truly a part of something so much greater than ourselves. That we are integral to each other’s survival. Thank

If we take the time to sit still we can hear wisdoms they so desperately wish to impart on us. Wisdoms we so desperately need to hear.

My own voice feels brighter and stronger, my life richer and deeper. We all know this feeling when we touch it. Somewhere, we all know it’s real. We know this magick of communication lies within all of us. It’s who we are, and who we are meant to be.

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