I have always been one to love the other world. When I was a child I was looked on as strange, odd, and my favourite…weird.

When I was in my early teens I realized weird equaled unique. That understanding changed my life. That understanding led to where I am today. I am unique. A blessed freak who is not a freak at all, but the creature of light, as we all are, that nature intended us to be.

With that in mind, I sit thinking today about how much I love what I do…

I love having midnight visitors, animal spirits, and other worldly things come to connect with me.

I love that I have the ability to cross over lost souls so they can find peace, help remove attachments, lower energies, connect animals of different species so they can converse freely with each other, speak with past life spirits so their present selves can deepen and nurture who they are.

I love being present for families as their pets transition so they can see through their eyes how effortless and loving crossing over the rainbow bridge can be.

I love ghosts and haunted houses filled with those whose stories are waiting to be told. I love graveyards and sitting with the ancestors on the day of the dead.

With October coming, the walls of the two worlds are growling thin. A time of sitting with our own spirits and connecting more deeply with the spirit world. Dumb dinners, ancestor alters, quietly sitting with a candle to seek guidance, and to be grateful to those who have aided me in my ghostly adventures throughout the year.

My world is a lovely world some call spooky. I call colourful. With all its different levels and dimensions, experiences and learnings….What a wonderful word it

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