In my career as a psychic and animal communicator I have learned we all make assumptions that can lead us to thinking the worst. When something feels “off”clients asking questions to clarify helps them to feel better and me to go deeper into the reading. I always want people to leave feeling empowered and knowing that the When they feel unsure at least some certainty can be found.

The outcome usually is what it is. However, how we get there is up to us.

We create the future moment to moment. The outcome is always there to benefit us if we let it.

When psychics say you will get divorced, most times it will be literal. However, divorce can mean many things. You can be in a relationship and be emotionally divorced, divorced from a business partnership within a marriage. Kids can now get “divorced” from their parents.

Our fear of the small parts we see lead us to misinterpreting readings or assuming outcomes.

We are given information to help you learn on your journey. It is important to ask questions.

Someone in our family told me once they had a vision of dying at a certain age. I told them gently that they were correct, only it wasn’t going to happen the way they assumed. It would be a spiritual shift.

When the time came, by chance, they were asked to go into ceremony. It turned out to be a figurative near death experience in which changed who they were, and how they saw life!

Psychics are there for guidance. They are not being cagey.

I once saw a client in an orange jump suit. I chuckled, and told him to be careful driving as he was going to get pulled over and it wouldn’t end well.

Three months later he came in with his wife because she wanted me to know that not only was he stopped for speeding, but due to a case of mistaken identity ended up spending some time in jail.

Ask questions to clarify. We should be doing this in life anyway.

The reader will do this with your guides and guardians, but if something seems unclear or does not sit well don’t be afraid to ask “who, what, where, when, how, and why” it allows the reader to go deeper and you to feel better about your future.

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