My studies have led me far and wide. I have found that no matter what culture, peoples, or group I come across they all access their psychic abilities on a high scale.

I find that many people will mistake those on the psychic path to be from other cultures.

They assume witchcraft, shamanism, or something else that they think needs to be attached to psychic ability. Altho many are healers, they do not need to be at all. A psychic can be….a psychic.

I have had young psychics come to me and ask if they are witches or possessed by demons. They are not. Altho we may experience those on the other side, unless we choose the path of the wise woman (the witch) it is a gift. And they most certainly (for the most part) are not possessed by demons. They are psychic. We all are.

How we express ourselves will tend toward what our purpose is on this earth walk.

Doctors have natural healing skills and their intuition is utilized as a part of that. Lawyers and police officers develop their energetic skills for law and juistice. We each bring out the beauty of our intuition in our own way.

Witches manifest to this plane by using their goddess given gifts. Psychics hone intuitive skills specifically, and may not tend toward other callings. It can and may be an exclusive calling of its own, but other callings will access this ability to the degree necessary knowingly or unknowingly.

Whether you are a working psychic, hobbiest, regular Joe or healer, accessing intuition to work in conjunction with universal energy, you are gifted. You are a gift, and now more than any other time in history are you needed, respected, encouraged and acknowledged.

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