Walking The Two Worlds.

It is a privilege to walk this path that I do. Many fear it. The things they see and experience frighten them.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

As a psychic I walk between two worlds each day. sometimes its amazing, other times it’s difficult. It is always rewarding.

Death is something I revere as a part of natural life. I do not fear it. I have spoken with those who have crossed over, as well as those in transition. I have worked with animals, people and more.

Have you ever taken the time to sit with a tree whose branches are almost bare, struggling to stay alive, in the process of accepting that its time is nearing its end? Or sat in the forest with an oak whose roots are newly exposed after being torn down by a wind or ice storm. It is sweet and bitter. The tree understands that its lifecycle is almost over and lovingly sinks into it. The creatures that once lived in it stay until there is no life left, only to be replaced by new ones who will seek respite within its hallowing bark after it is long gone. All cycles of life. Nature somehow understands this on a level we are only beginning to remember again.

As a psychic I love speaking to loved ones who have crossed over. It gives those who are here a sense of peace, closure and in some cases, whether it is warranted or not, becomes part of a journey toward forgiveness of self and others. It is truly a beautiful thing to be able to step into the realm of those no longer with us.

Remembering is important to me. I believe the Mexican cultural belief in the land of the living and the land of the forgotten truly does exist. I love the celebration of Dio de la Muerte, The day of the dead. This is a time when families go to the cemetery to be with and remember their loved ones. A time to remember them and their lives, to invite them to be a part of the family in a tangible way, a time for many to heal old wounds and teach the younger generations of the traditions of old. it teaches them that they too, will leave a legacy behind for others to someday remember, and in doing so, ask what will that legacy be.

One of my absolute favorite films that depict Dios de la Muerte so beautifully is Coco. A story of a boy who goes to the other world for reasons I will not spoil. It is amazing!

Animals too, have a place to go. Many know them to go over the Rainbow bridge. It is an animal playground where they can be free and healthy, joyful and serene. I love working with animals. It brings such joy to owners and animals alike to once again reconnect and spend time with each other once more.

It is a privilege to walk this path that I do. Many fear it. The things they see and experience frighten them.

  1. they are not used to seeing beyond the veil
  2. they do not know what to do with what they see or experience
  3. they have been taught to fear death
  4. they are afraid something bad will happen to their friends and families
  5. they watch many horror movies.

These experiences are real. In the fall the walls of the two worlds do grow thin. It is a time of introspection, rest and connection. This year around Halloween (Oct. 31), all saints day (Nov. 1), or Dios de la Muerte (Nov. 2) try this.

Set your table for dinner and place a candle in the center. once side is to be set for you and your family, the other for 2 or three people who have crossed over that you would like to sit with. place a candle in the window and on the eve of your dinner, before you gather everyone around the table invite those loved ones to join you. (if it is an animal, you can set out a dish for them too). Put on their plates some of the things they loved. My grandfather loved my moms shaved roast, cold tea in the afternoon while reading his newspaper, and white bread fresh from the bakery with Sunday lunch after church. Talk about them. you may even feel their presence if you are lucky they may make themselves known somehow.

After dinner, go to the candle at the window and thank your ancestors for the visit, and tell them you release them back to where they came from.

finally, take your spirit plates filled with their delights and place it somewhere where the wild ones can feast from it. The belief is that your loved ones will take the spirit of the food and dine on that, where the animals will take the physical offerings left behind.

This is one way to celebrate. Many cultures have many unique and interesting ways to commiserate with the past. The place where the dead lie need not be morbid and morose. If we make it so, we can live in harmony with the cycles of nature and appreciate this rite of passage as we would any other milestone in life knowing our loved ones are safe and filled with joy and light.

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