What we surround ourselves with, we become. The clothes we wear, the food we eat, the furniture we choose, what we read, watch on tv all define us. Our choices create our energy. That energy attracts our tribe.

Our tribe is one that is with us everyday physically or in spirit

When I say that we think of friends, family, co-workers who support us. It goes deeper and farther than that. We attract our accountants, doctors, dentists and even the guy (or girl) who sells is our car.

These people are there to celebrate your achievements and they are their to give you strength when you seemingly have none. However, A tribe isn’t always a positive thing and we cannot glaze over that. addicts have a tribe who enable their addictions. we can fall in our vibrations and begin to attract those on lower vibes that keep pulling it further down to create new more destructive tribes. Thankfully this works the other way around too. Many of those who have suffered in life have been able to “raise their vibe” and create healthier circumstances, make better life choices and through inner journey and insight find their way into new places where they can feel safe with a new set of vibrationally matching spirits.

Our tribe can be those who have crossed over as well! Just because someone leaves us doesn’t mean that they no longer have a membership to the club. In certain cultures once you are in, there really is no way out. It’s eternal!

Spirits and spirit guides can be a part of this too. I work with mine everyday. When I need strength they pick me up. They are my friends, my other world family, and depend on them to be my eyes and ears in the unseen planes. I implicitly trust them, sometimes with my life.

Finding your tribe means knowing yourself. Your likes, your dislikes, what you stand for in life.

These knowings accumulate making you a literal magnet for those with similar values and lifestyles to your own. They may not be an exact match, but they will be close and those closest matching you will become the “inner circle”

I liken it to spheres. There is you in the centre. Then (normally, not always) is blood family. Then closest friends (who may fall under family and be a part of the first circle) than those you share space with every day laughing enjoying each other’s company, acquaintances and those we encounter momentarily. Of course this concept of the spheres is fluid and can include as many circles and labels as you like. This is mine for the moment.

I’m really good at cold cases, murders, seemingly dead ends and the stuff many will not take on. I’m awesome with animals but specifically exotics (lions, tigers, bears…o my!) that doesn’t mean I have an array of gangsters around me. It means that I have many friends who are in youth justice, law enforcement, marine biologists, divers and the like. Because I am a light worker I attract those of like kind.

But why have a circle of peeps?

It’s not just for us. It’s for ALL of us, as a whole. Individually we are strong, together we are unstoppable. The stronger I am the stronger those in my tribe are, the more of like kind we attract and create an upward spiral of strength, fortitude and momentum. Movements are an example of that. One person has an idea and another agrees. They go out to tell others before you know it we have the million man March, Nellie Mclung leading women to the vote, the Eliud Kipchoge’s of the world.

We are strong of nature. Let’s be our truths so we can find others who are that truth also and make this world an incredible place to be!

Cheers Everyone!

Stay In Tune….and Stay Blogged In.



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