I was a non-believer. My cat converted me.

Animal communications became real when my roommate and orange cat had their version of a Mexican stand-off. Marble would stare, position himself over the heat register, and with great intent…urinate!

I asked Marble to use the toilet…after 2 2 weeks…nothing! Frustrated, I gave up. Then, one blessed morning…a miracle! My son ran into my room announced Marble was using the sit down thingy!! Once my groggy brain could comprehend, I leapt out of bed to witness our cat…squatting on the toilet!

Since then I have spoken with whales, horses, cats, dogs, a sociopathic orangutan, and even a disgruntled goat who tried head butting my then toddler because he saw the capricious Capricorn as another billy!

Animals speak freely and are extremely truthful.

Imagine speaking a language no one in your home understands. Finally, someone brings in an interpreter. What would say? How would it feel to say things you’ve always wanted to?

Initially, most animals are shocked that I can hear them. Then hesitation, confusion, and finally elation that someone can tell mom that it WAS the cat who broke the vase!

Pet pals have much to say, and LOVE spilling family secrets!

Some stories are hilarious, like The many confessions of boxer the dog. He told us the family cat kept “falling” into the fish bowl because she was secretly in love with him, the “wall mouse” scratched at night driving him crazy, and his bed was just right although the colour was all wrong.

Others, like any end of life communication, allow a pet to say things that will bring closure for families and make transition easier.

Animal communications can help heal and nurture animals and owners.

A cannery once asked who was going to take care of her when her boy was gone. In addressing this, the youth confessed he was extremely depressed. The family successfully helped their son, and his fine feathered friend had a renewed sense of security.

This video “Side Effects” shows animals are an empathic, emotional and healing experience. Their capacity for love and compassion runs deep and is unconditional.

Make animals an everyday awareness. Say hi! …Kids do! Even if you speak it in your heart animals will hear you, respond with gratitude, and may even tell you some interesting stories.

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