Wanna Know Anything About A Family?……ask the animal.

I don’t know how many times I’ve gone into a house or to a party when the family cat sidles up to me spilling the beans about everyone’s family secrets. No, it’s true! I have to wonder if it’s just better to stay on the good side of Fido when mans best friend tells me about the red lingerie under the bed that doesn’t belong to mom only to find out down the line that there was more than a little truth to this doggy tale…

When I started my journey into animal communications my revelation moment that animal communications was real came with my orange cat Marble. He and my then-spouse couldn’t stand each other. Marble purposefully would look at him and urinate in the heat register knowing this would send him around the bend. One day shortly after my first animal course I decided to talk to Marble and politely ask him to pee in the toilet. Nothing changed. After 2 weeks of trying to impose the importance and impact of this action on our cat I all but gave up. Then a miracle! My 6-year-old son came into our bedroom one morning and announced Marble was using the toilet! My groggy brain took a few seconds to comprehend this. At the moment of recognition, however, I lept out of bed my son and partner in tow. We peaked our heads around the corner to see the cat sitting away from us and…..YES! ON THE TOILET! I swear at that moment Marble turned around I could hear him say, “it’s what you wanted isn’t it?” A comment he eerily reiterated in another Marble story I will retell in a different article. That was that! to me this stuff was real!

Since then I have spoken to whales and horses, tigers, cats, dogs, a sociopathic orangutan, and even a disgruntled goat who challenged my son because he saw my then toddler as another goat!

I have had many experiences, and have learned sometimes its not only for the animal I am there. Once, I had a small cannery who lived in the bedroom of a young man tell me how sad her young caregiver was. She was worried he wasn’t going to be there much longer and who would take care of her.  In addressing that with the family the boy confessed he was more than depressed and they were able to seek help for him for more serious underlying issues they were unaware of. Animals love to a degree we rarely see in humans.

Animals speak freely. They have not been taught they cannot be truthful. They have so much to say to us. Once given the opportunity the floodgates open. Does this mean I have to divulge all the new knowledge I am privy too once I have it? No. That is discernment on my part. I am there to help situations. If the information does not aid in some way, I will be the treasure box and keep a lid on it. It does mean, however, that the animal in question can now feel at more peace. Think of how you would feel if you knew something and finally had the chance to get it off your chest. How distressing.

Imagine, spending your whole life speaking a foreign language that no one else in your home knows. Finally, an interpreter comes in and you have the stage. What would be the first thing you would say? I have thought about this many times. Each time I come up with the same thing. “Finally!”

When I go to a home, owners are always excited. They want to chat about their pets. However, my first questions go to the pet first. Initially, The pets are shocked that I can hear them, let alone act as go-between. At first, there is a bit of fear, then confusion and finally an elation that someone can tell  mom that the cat did break the vase, the mouse in the basement is driving poor molly cat crazy at night with all the scratching in the walls, and by the way, the water is too cold and…. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Some of the stories I get to hear are heartwarming, others are hilarious (like the story of the cat who only wanted to get the fish in the bowl because she was in love with him, this came from the dog of the house). others are necessary.

My abilities sometimes can aid a client in the decision making processes of a pet. I am by no means a vet and will not diagnose, but I can go so far as to say how the animal is feeling and what its perspective on any health or emotional issue can be.

In times of transition, many owners want to know what their animals are feeling and thinking in their last moments. These are rewarding times when closure and comfort are required.

It takes courage for owners to sit with me at times, knowing what they will hear from their animals will be difficult. I myself, have gone home and curled up with one of my animals to cry thanking every star for their presence in my life.

My life experiences make me think. I realize every day how vital our connection to the animal world is if only to stay connected to that side of us that is pure and decent, innocent and fun.

This short video called “Side Effects” is for me what it can be like to have an animal companion when you are an empath and energy worker whether you walk in awareness or not.  It also shows that they too feel as we do, deeply, lovingly and filled with compassion.

The next time you walk into a home with a pet say hi and introduce yourself. The owners may see you as a little odd, the animal will love you for it. If you do not feel able to speak your hello out loud, speak it in your heart. I promise you they will hear you, and they will respond with gratitude. Want to make a new best friend? That is definitely how. Acknowledge them. make them a part of your awareness. When I do, They will tell me everything I need to know, and sometimes even the stuff I probably shouldn’t 😉

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