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One day a white rabbit came upon a carrot laying on the ground in the woods. As he tried to grasp for it, a trap that laid beneath it snapped shut on his little white paw. Out of nowhere came a hunter. “I am sorry little fella,” he said “your not what I was looking to catch today. I am trying to feed my family, and need something a bit bigger.” He opened the trap and let the rabbit out. In pain, the white rabbit hopped away to nurse himself in the forest.

a Fox had witnessed all of this and thought to himself, “now that’s a prize catch for my dinner.” He pounced on the rabbit, then stopped. “your dying” said the fox. “No,” said the white rabbit. “If you don’t eat me I will live, I promise you”. Altho he knew the rabbit would suffer, the fox was curious to see what would happen and let him loose. With the fox close behind waiting for his impending meal, the rabbit hopped away.

The rabbit did everything he could to heal. After days of following the rabbit, the fox started to realize that this little creature was not going to give up. In fact, he seemed happier than ever even though he knew the fox was right there always ready to jump. “Why are you so happy?” said the fox. “If you don’t die of your wound I will surely eat you.” “No,” said the rabbit “you won’t. You have seen all I have been through and you will become my friend. and even if I do become a meal for you, I will forgive you.” ” What?” The fox was taken aback, “forgive me? But why?” “Because I am the most forgiving soul you will ever meet,” said the white rabbit. No matter what you do to me I know it was not because of me. You were hungry, it is your nature, and you don’t really know any better, Just like the hunter. Had he taken me home that night I would have forgiven him too.”

The fox thought about this for a second. The rabbit was right, he had come to admire the little creature. “Well, little rabbit,” said the fox. “you are right. I am going to go against my nature, and I am not going to eat you. In fact, if others try I will protect you in the forest.” “Thank you,” said the rabbit. with that, the fox went on his way.

The white rabbit sat by the riverside. He closed his eyes and turned to the sky, “Thank you” he said quietly. He knew that his heart was the thing that really protected him, from both the hunter and the fox. He knew that others would hear his tale from the fox and those ones would tell this tale to many others, and all would learn the lesson of forgiveness, strength and perseverance that the fox had learned. With that, the white rabbit sighed. He hopped away disappearing into the green forest of trees knowing he would live a long and peaceful life.

A child’s tale by – Angel Morgan

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