Are You Psychic? You will know without a shadow of a doubt after reading this.

Being psychic is a natural part of who we are. It’s not a religion. It’s about connecting to our spirit. It’s not about being spiritual in the sense of needing to pray or being apart of any path in order to be intuitive and access this part of who we are.  It’s quite physiological and scientific.

The instinctive part of our brain kicks in when we need to survive or when we need to connect to others more deeply for a purpose or common goal. Our instincts and intuition are on at all times. We dismiss it because of our societal conditioning. We have been taught that if it is not tangible it cannot exist.

It does help to live well, find quiet and do the things we read about to open our third eye. They help us practice. Truth is though, it’s happening pretty much 24/7. Those little instinctive niggling that tell us to buy a certain outfit or eat a certain food at a particular time or have coffee instead of tea… that’s practice. Those moments strengthen the muscle. Then comes the phone ringing seconds after you know it’s going to.

The practice is in not dismissing and more acknowledging. In general, we need to get over the whole “ o my god! How Kool is that! The phone rang and it was my long lost aunt Bessy that I was thinking about when I woke up this morning” yes it was! Your an intuitive being connected to the whole. This is the way it’s supposed to be! Acknowledge it and move on.

When it becomes second nature then the fun begins!!! Then you begin to hear the high pitch sound in your ear. Don’t freak out, listen. Then you will begin to tune into and hone that ability, you will start start to maybe smell your grandpa’s cigars ( of course he’s been dead for 30 years) then once you are cosy with that muscle being flexed the topping on the cake begins…. the one thing everyone on this journey wants…… to see.

Your facilities in other areas need to be honed before this can truly open up. Yes, you can go to classes and sweat lodges. This is amazing!!!! I’ve learned thought, its simply about not dismissing. Say thank you, move on. Don’t try and replicate the experience, you can’t. It happens with a reason, to you, in That moment because you are being called up to do something important…even if it’s just to pay attention to the fact that you can do this. It may help someone or something at some point in the future.

If you truly want to “tap” in then relax, don’t dismiss, say thank you, play, and embrace this wonderful part of you that is happening every day as a normal part of you and your life. Do this and see how fast you begin to become the intuitive you were meant to be!


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2 thoughts on “Are You Psychic? You will know without a shadow of a doubt after reading this.

  1. Hi Angel… I”m enjoying your blogs!

    In reading your interesting article I noticed for the 2nd time (somewhere in the talks you have given??? or) the mention of the “high pitched sound”. Do you have a more detailed description of what it is.. and how to let it lead you to dimensions? Please redirect me to an already existing article if I have missed it!

    Much thanks…

    1. Hi! Sorry this response comes so late. Thank you for enjoying my site and blogs! I will be writing articles soon about all the different abilities that we have. Clairaudience, Clairsentience…and all the other Claire’s too! Stay tuned!

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