The Past Is The Past…Or Is It?

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The following is a series of 3 articles that tackle the three traditional types of readings that psychics work with…the Past, the Present and the future. Enjoy!


When someone comes to a reader they look to see what their future holds. What many people are beginning to realize is that the future is created by the past.

Many times I will start a reading by tapping into the personality, Energy, and essence of a person. I tell them about them and who they are and where they came from. I see their struggles and past relationships. I see family loss of the past, feelings around situations of old. All of these things create the person who sits in front of me. Tapping into this helps me to see the journey they have been on, and to see the journey that is coming for them, and more importantly…..why it is all happening.

It is important to remember all our past choices culminate into what path is presented to us.

I had a woman come to me once not understanding why she loved art so much. She wanted to know why she had to paint and work in galleries. It was a burning question for her.

I saw her grandmothers house and the monets that sat on the hallway walls. The Picasso in the spare room. And the large painting of a renaissance woman lying luxuriously on her side by a water fountain painted by an unnamed artist. I also saw a great uncle who loved to paint as a hobby.

She remembered little of this. Her mother was in the waiting room. We asked her about these things. Turns out her grandmother loved art and her uncle was a bit more than a hobbies and even galleried some of his work in local shops.

This is where her love of art came from, and this piece of information was enough to spur her on with new insight and vigor.

As seers we can see past lives. Some of us specialize in this. It explains why we love some of the things we do. The inexplicable love of certain animals or eras in history. Some of us only get this information as necessary (it’s still way Kool!).

The past cannot be changed. It can be utilized to choose in the now and to create strong paths for the future.

I personally love tapping into the past. The ancestors of our families come through, some from hundreds of years prior, some more recent. Regardless, these are heart warming moments to see how connection is so powerful. Emotions, closure, validations and in some cases new meetings. I’ve seen ghosts of the past come to meet their namesakes. Parents and siblings meet for the first time after one or the other has passed over into the others realms. It’s pretty amazing how it empowers, heals, moves us forward to touch what we think is long gone.

Many times a spirit will come in that is connected to a client they have never met. This happens because they may have done so in another life, or decided this particular person is important to them and must be overseen by this particular entity. Whether we know a deceased family member or not they know us. They choose us. They love us.

We are our future, our past, our present. psychics everywhere take note: the past is the key to reading the future. Dear reader of this blog, take note: the past is who you were niwnit is time to be open to the information that will create your awesome future!

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