Our gift is the present

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Our gift is the present. It is created from past choices,and shapes our course and path to the future.
Each step we take shifts the potential people we meet, circumstances we encounter, and outcomes that are the results of those first steps. As readers we can see what clients have done, and what choices they are making. Plainly, it is our job to…

1. Make sure the past choices are the strongest ones

2. If they are not, set clients on the right path to making better ones by seeing various outcomes.

3. If they have made strong choices continue to strengthen those paths by seeing the next step for them or encouraging the client to continue in the vein they are in.

4. See clearly the outcomes of good and bad decisions being made in the present moment to help tweek the clients intuition in the future.

Some psychics are gifted in the way of seeing present emotional or physical issues that are occurring, what the clients present living circumstances are, what animals they may currently have, and what it is exactly they need to talk about all before the client even begins asking questions.

I find it really Kool to be able to read current data because it’s a quick high for everyone involved. The client can validate what the psychic is seeing, helps them to be at ease with their decisions to be there and that they are with the “real deal”.

It also creates a wonderful context for talking about the past and what created the circumstances they are now seeking answers to. Seeing the now becomes a jumping point into seeing the future based on the present choices that are being made.

The present is awesome! We can go anywhere from here. And the paths to the future are limitless from this vantage point. Readers must be careful. They are influencing these paths regularly. It’s a fantastically huge responsibility not to be taken lightly. So many choices: go to school or not go to school, take the job or not take the job, marry or not to marry.

I caution those seeking answers…IT IS STILL YOUR CHOICE! the moment you have the information is the moment you have freedom and reign over your own life. Some say it is better not to have the information and let it all unfold.

1. There are times when not knowing is the advantage.
2. Knowing can create a focused outcome for those who tend to obsess.
3. You may ruin the surprise….

a woman came into my office and asked me when her boyfriend was going to ask her to marry her and how. Inexperienced at the time I told her. It was so Kool I asked if I could tell a friend about it. She said yes. Later that day I was speaking to my male friend who berated me for saying anything to this woman. He informed me that it’s one of the only things a guy really has and how did I know he hadn’t been planning this for ages and wanted to make her day perfect? He was right. I too, as a psychic, have freedom of will.

If I have information I don’t have to give it. I do have choice in the matter. I can also chose to ask my guides and guardians and those that channel the information through me if it’s really a good idea to impart what is being given. There are even times when I ask if there is a better way to deliver a message, as choosing words is important and I may not be eloquent enough to say the right thing at that present time.

Each of us is making a choice, reader and client, to be there in each others presence. for the client, to be brave enough to ask the questions and strong enough to hear the answers. For the reader, courage to trust and journey with spirit to get the answers accurately. Each moment in that session is healing and changing a life. Sometimes I can feel the client shift and unblock Energy right in front of me. Awesome!

This seemingly small amount of time creates futuresĀ and heals past hurt and pain. The objectivity of the psychic in this time is a must. Crazy as it sounds, They must stay present in order to see the future and the past. Grounded in the here and now to help the client today for tomorrow.

This is how we create stronger selves, relationships, circumstances. Even without seeing a psychic, knowing that our current circumstances come from each moment we have had enables us to understand today is the all. Today is the key to our past and future and knowing our likes, dislikes, and boundaries create a foundation that makes it easier for us to have amazing lives and for readers to read a client effortlessly.

Some clients come in because they require closure, scared or unsure, that’s okay. We love reading for maintenance too. Those who come in to merely get validation they are on the right track. We love watching clients grow and help them to make great choices.

It’s awesome when the clients help us by helping themselves. It enriches the reading. It enriches the lives of all involved. That’s what it’s really all about.

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