Can a psychic really tell the Future?

We are there to show us that no matter how much we know about our future there will always be twists and turns that will make you stronger.

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Throughout film history Psychics are often times portrayed as the bearers of bad news and the ones to go and visit when imminent doom is upon the struggling hero. DUDE! maybe if the hero went to see the seer first, they could have avoided the predicament in the first place!

Actually, to tell you the truth they still may have had to go on the journey. It’s why fortune tellers and psychics can be so cryptic (although they need not be, that just makes for good cinema). They want to make sure the hero of the story has choice. That is really what we are here for. To give answers and to give them choice. In the movies, I find that the portrayal of the seer is most times dire and scary. They always have the upper hand by knowing the outcome and not giving away all the answers. Why do that?

It seems manipulative. Cagey at best. These characters understand they cannot take the journey away. They are merely there to aid in making the hero as strong as they can be. They are there to show us that no matter how much we know about our future there will always be twists and turns that will make you stronger. This is the part of life’s journey that will be there whether you want it or not.

I often tell clients, I will give you your strongest path if You step to the left or step to the right you can change that. it doesn’t make your path worse, it will make it different. We all have a choice. Situations may be pre-determined to happen, freedom of will gives you the choice as to how you handle them.

I have seen people have future heart attacks. I don’t say “You’re going to have a heart attack!” ummm… First, I would rather be solution oriented. Second I don’t want to scare people away. I like diplomacy with certain people and circumstances (others I will dish it outright if their guides show me they need it). I would say “I’m seeing that you may want to eat for your heart in order to prevent issues in the future” This may help to mitigate the heart attack if they choose to take on the message, or they may by-pass it altogether. The outcome is now in their hands.

We are not their to fix problems. We are there to help mitigate and avoid them. We are there to make sure you get the best possible outcome in your life and in any given circumstance. It is up to you whether or not to listen. That to is choice and never to be judged. It is to be respected.

When I was young it would bother me to no end when a client came in and didn’t listen to what they were being given. This was coming from spirit! how could you!!! since then I have learned that sometimes the message isn’t for the moment and the client may need to go on a journey before they even begin to understand what is being given to them. That may take weeks, months, years or never. That is up to them. Other times its because a client refuses to hear what is being said. Truth is not for everyone. That is okay too. Even the best psychics are human and can’t handle the truth at times.

Now, having said all that. When Psychics predict the future and it does come to pass. There are times when we see births, deaths, weddings, outcomes of lawsuits very clearly and distinctly. They may not be set in stone, but it is a psychic no-brainer because all the energies are aligned. The way people think and act in the circumstances are leading to a specific outcome that is not going to be altered. Sometimes one person is so set in their ways that they will manifest the outcome that is seen for good or for bad and there is no stopping that train on course with its destiny.

So, please dear reader. The next time you sit down with one of us understand, no matter what we give you, we are on your side. We want to help and we are not those creepy characters that sit over crystal balls waiting to give you dire news that will send you in a tizzy until the end of your days. We want you to see you have the strength and can captain your own destiny.

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