The Snake Oil salesman, and the psychic.

You see them everywhere…..

I have been thinking a lot about people we call fakes. I have come to the conclusion They are everywhere. They always have been and have made such a bad name for those of us that try so hard to contribute positively. The stigma of what they do proceeds each of us.

I was a non-believer. When I was younger the word psychic made me cringe.

When I was little we use to drive downtown with my parents in my dad’s Kermit the frog green car (I kid you not) for our weekly visit to my grandparent’s house. On the way, we would drive by a storefront with a neon sign that read “Psychic Readings”.

Even then it turned me off. The idea of psychics seemed tacky. Women swaddled with kerchiefed heads wearing bangles menacingly starring over their crystal balls warning of curses and bad omens just didn’t do it for me. The movies made it very clear to me and to many that they were outcasts and part of a very dark and unwelcome sect of society.

It was never my first choice of profession. In fact, I was an actor who owned her own theatre company and traveled the world singing, dancing, trained in Shakespearean and having a great time.

I see now that it takes a brave soul to join our clan of esoteric sisters and brothers, and even more courage to sit with people like us. The legitimate us.

To this day, in certain company, I still hesitate to admit fully what I do for a living. I am proud of my gifts, but the slanderous image we, as psychics have been given by Shylocks and snake oil salesman throughout time, still niggles in the back of my head and the heads of many like me. We don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. It sucks!

If I seem somewhat irritated about this topic it’s because I am. I have had clients crying in my office about how they have spent their life saving, thousands of dollars, to lift a curse that only the psychic pretender could lift.

I have given free readings to those who have no work and seek some sort of solace. I may not always do it, but I will if I am shown and I definitely DO NOT ask for anything more than below the going rate of the time. Why? Because the people who need us the most are usually the ones who can’t afford us!

Most of us do charity work on a regular basis to give back. Ack!

Psychic slimmies prey on the innocent and the desperate. Those mourning, seeking healing, forgiveness. If this has happened to you or someone you know let them know they need to forgive themselves. These people are masters at what they do. Their skill is not reading or counseling, it is telling people what they want to hear.

It’s scary.

So how do you stay away from harm? How do you stay away from the snake oil salesman?


The number one key is look to you first. sit with you. What is your truth? Talk to family members, friends and whomever you trust before going out to look for a reader. Be in a space where you can listen, observe and take on the information given to you by an intuitive as something that will aid you. Remember we are there to show you your strongest choices. How things will end up if you stay true to you, or not. The choice of path is always yours. We are not there to frighten you in any way shape or form.

I find my job is more to validate, confirm and guide people to the strongest paths that they already know they should be on. I may get the help of those who have crossed over or others in spirit that are of the light.

Without a word a good psychic can say I see a film camera around someone whose sole purpose in being there is to find out if the offer of director on the upcoming Robert Dinero pic is for them (no that didn’t happen to me….but something similar:)).

I have written about this, spoken about this and even have a full episode on how to find legitimate psychics on my show Messages from an Angel. It makes me angry because so many gifted, legitimate psychics and healers hide in the shadows scared of judgement and ridicule.

I have read many forums where skeptics and people who are angry with psychics are adment they know how psychics scam people. They have ways of helping people find out. I love that! The real ones will astound. The fakes will get caught out. They are angry because innocents do get hurt.

It’s hard enough for real psychics to accept who they are, partly because of the stigma placed on their profession. All I can say is Fakes beware. The ones who are legit will find you. The people who are angry will eventually call you out.

If you suspect you are with a fake get up and leave. Here are some tips to finding someone legit.

  1. Get a referral.
  2. they should begin to read you and pick out specifics and things they could not possibly know as soon as you walk in the door.
  3. They ask questions that do not go beyond does this resonate, or does that feel correct. (if it does not then the reader can go deeper.)
  4. They do NOT ask outrageous amounts of money
  5. They do NOT make you feel uncomfortable (we are there to help, heal and empower through our work)

If you would like a detailed outline as to what to look for I urge you to read How to choose your psychic. An article I wrote to help people find the correct energetic for them.

Trust me people we get upset, angry and frustrated too. Like a doctor, lawyer, or dentist who practices without a license these people can be dangerous and we, in this profession, whether healers, medicine people or psychics are on board with making sure you get the guidance and closure you require. There are real ones out there.

I once believed there had to be a limit to all this energetic nonsense. I looked for proof. I found it. In others and ironically in myself. This is not what I dreamt of for my future. It too comes with pitfalls and sacrifices. It does take courage and faith and some crazy undying need to help others to the point of putting aside the criticisms of society. It ain’t always fun and it ain’t always easy. Fakers don’t make it any easier, so we want to see them off the street too.

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