Why did I bother decorating on Halloween…?

I was putting up my decorations and thinking to myself…Why am I doing this, this year? My son is grown and I have pool league tonight? Then I thought back to when he was little. All the doors we knocked on, his face full of adventure, lit up and rosy-cheeked from the night air. His sense of pride in his costume as people cooed over how he looked. Then, ending the night by putting a sleepy child to bed after unloading his haul and having a warm cup of cider or cocoa.

I realized as I was planting the plastic bloody arm in the wet ground covered in autumn leaves that people had done this for him too…For all the kids on the block. The pumpkins, the decorations, and people dressed up waiting to jump up as older kids walked curiously and cautiously up to the porch.

Some of these neighbours had grown children of there own but still felt the desire to keep the tradition of Halloween bright and alive. Some wanted to see the little kidlings in their costumes, and others of us wanted to vicariously relive the moments with our own kids through the new parents who we have livingly passed the candy collecting torch too.

Whatever the reason, it’s the people putting up the decorations that make the night. Newbies trying to outdo each other with their front lawn decorations liken to Christmas, and the burnt colours of autumn with pumpkins, leaves and misty rain.

Halloween comes to life once a year, so when it does remember it’s for them, but it’s also for the older parents who remember too. Decorate your house, put a pumpkin out to let people know you are a giver of tricks and treats and open your door and your heart to the monsters and goblins and superheroes who will be visiting you tonight.

Cheers! And happy Halloween.

Angel Morgan

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