I love to give. Radio, television, and media, in general, allow me to that on a huge scale!

Our audiences at Rogers Tv may seem intimate, but if you think of how many people watch our show every day and every week we are reaching a mass audience and spreading empowerment, guidance and ancient teachings on a MASSIVE scale!

How many people are listening to iHeart radio, Newstalk 1010, or reading lifestyle blogs like this one that are being devoured by audiences everyday online!

Wow! what an amazing time to be in. It takes courage to call into a radio station and be read by someone like me, a psychic. It may feel intimate, but how many thousands of people are tuning in each Friday night to “the night side” with Barb Diguilio.

When you sit in an audience you are allowing so many others to be a part of a journey that is healing. Your questions may be closure for you, but I can guarantee they will resonate with so many more who will then take those learnings and touch others with them. Your questions may change a life that you will never even encounter. A child’s life may be changed in an empowering way because their parent received guidance from the courage and vulnerability you stepped into.

Are you being heard? Yes, not just by spirit, but by so many out there that need to hear your voice and your story.

You are important. Your story is vital, you are strong and your strength in coming to be a part of a larger community in audience form is what the media is truly about. Helping each other, giving to each other and meeting each other on spirit level is vital.

I feel like my producers and the writers and the hosts are all creating sacred meeting grounds for all of us to meet in and heal each other. A temporary sweat lodge of sorts where we can see that we are not alone and that we all experience similar things. In this time together we inspire and teach as well. We give each other the ideas, passion and the spark to do all the things that we know we can do, and in some circumstances light the fire to do that which we thought we could not.

It’s exciting.

Life is exciting.

We are exciting.

and now through media, our stories are being heard and our ancestors’ teachings are not being forgotten. Thank you for being there, thank you for sharing, thank you for being heard.

Until next time,

Stay In Tune, Stay Blogged In!



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