These years can SUCK!!!!!! On a HUUUGE scale.

Not only do teenagers have to deal with the drama of high school, but college preparation, peer pressure, hormones, teenage anxst……now also add “I’m seeing dead things”, and the prospect of knowing what other teens are thinking and feeling.

The need to isolate oneself at these fragile times, normally between 14 and 19 are mostly due to heightened sensitivity. To what degree depends on the teen.

The ones who don’t want to hang out with their peers in public places, have deeply artistic natures, love escaping into technology with no boundaries of time, or have little social interests (i.e. sports), are usually the ones who are highly gifted.

Some kids will exhibit one or two of these features, (that’s called being a normal teen) others who are truly psychic in nature will exhibit at least 3 or more of these traits.

These kids will often talk about society, get intensely frustrated at injustices of the world, have a great interest in politics, sometimes make profound statements, and in our day and age, post amazingly insightful posts they find, or even write themselves. These kids can become advocates, police officers, rescue heroes, ecologists, and so much more should they be nurtured correctly.

THAT’S the key. Nurtured correctly.

What does that mean?

recently, I watched a somewhat disturbing, yet brilliant film called

“The Kindergarten Teacher” it was a profound statement on societies loss of connection and ability to recognize gifted people and nurture it. We see this on a daily basis with young people who have the potential of being steered by pressure on so many fronts, to grow up prematurely. Media may have a part to play in this, so does our mentality towards taking the time to recognize sensitive, gifted beings.

First, how do we do this? how do we recognize these beautiful beings?

usually, it’s recognizable at an early age. The gifted ones play by themselves. They are loners who love to build, draw and create in their own space without needing or wanting the input of others around them. Although socialization is important, they would rather live in their own secluded world where they are not bombarded by the energy of others. They feel safe in the environment of purity they create. Protecting themselves from the outside world.

So what can be done to nurture these great minds so they become young adults who are well adjusted to both the material and intuitive/energetic world? So they can fit somewhat into the social norms that are healthy and expected of them? How do we keep their connection to the purity of who they are the gifts they have been given?

We can’t truly.

The world will affect them. We can only help them to realize at a young age that being different is okay. Help those nurturing our children on a daily basis to recognize their differences and respect those differences,  if not help nurture them.

When my son was young his ability to communicate with animals became very apparent. One day, in the quiet of his grade 1 classroom, he began to mumble that he had to help it, that he could hear “it” calling to him. He became increasingly agitated until his His teacher had to address his seemingly unusual concerns. Being aware of what our skills were in the family, she asked him what “it” was. He said he could show her. Instead of dismissing him, she gathered the class and they all followed to the front of the school (where they were not allowed to go alone). Once there, the teacher went to a bush that he quietly pointed toward. she pulled back the lush greenery to reveal a butterfly caught in a spiders web.

She released the hapless captive and decided, in all her beautiful wisdom, to say to her small class of tiny wide-eyed children, “We were able to save the butterfly today, but understand this is part of nature and the cycle of things”. Then, Instead of taking them back inside, she carried on to make the afternoon a science class all about nature.

My son’s peers thought he was amazing, and one of them revealed that she could not only do the same but more. This in time we came to realize was a true understatement on her part.

That one day changed the confidence of two children. One who found faith in himself, and the other some normalcy in who she was. Be grateful, as I was for this teacher, for these people in your life. They are not as hard to find as they use to be, they are still diamonds.

These events like many others in a child’s life can have a profound effect. Teens today are more open to this line of energetic thinking because they are exposed to film, books, and various forms of technological input. Parents are also more aware and open. More questions are being asked and people like myself are being sought out for guidance in how to nurture these amazing young people, and more people like me are sharing their knowledge and the knowledge of their elders and ones who have gone before them.

Teens are susceptible to turn against their abilities too. They want to fit in. They want to be like everyone else. When I was a teen, I wanted to be “normal” and accepted. I knew I was different, I felt different…I didn’t know how I was different and that was the worst part. I wanted to be like my friends, I wasn’t. No one told me it was okay to be unique. I walked around my high school feeling emotions that I knew were not mine. Emotions, situations, thoughts that belonged to others I either passed by or sat with. It was horrible.

My solace became Shakespeare. Delving into a world of fiction that unknowingly I was a part of in so many ways with plays like Macbeth and The Tempest. Unknowingly seeking out an author who was connected heavily to the energetic and esoteric, drawn to ones who were like me, only so much more.

Having said all of this, Energetic teens need very few things to help them find balance in their world.

  • protections. whether a physical object, or energetic protection, parents can buy stones, or teach them simple energy shields to help them. I don’t like the way they are taught as they keep out everything, to the point of creating even more isolation than before they are used. Check out this Youtube episode of my online show’ “MY SHOW” that talks about and teaches how to protect yourself energetically.
  • Create a safe place. Judgement and criticism are the death of all young sensitives. It will shut them down faster than anything else.     Be ears without a mouth. listen with your heart. Let them speak no matter how crazy, far-fetched, or scary it may seem. Hold their hand and let them know that it’s okay and that they are quite normal. Tell them family stories if you know any of those who have had their own experiences.
  • See if they are open to seeing an energy worker. It does not have to be a psychic. A homoeopath or naturopath will do. They may feel safer because they are more recognized and mainstream.
  • Homoeopaths and Naturopaths. They are gifted sensitives that have chosen fields of work and practice that are safe ways of expressing their intuitive selves in a practical way that is accepted by mainstream society. If your teen is open to it, a medicine person, psychic or energy healer would work too. GET A REFERRAL! this is your kid! Although I have a trusted team of people I love and go to when I need guidance, I do not take chances. My son is only allowed to see 1 medicine woman and be read by only 1 psychic in my circle of colleagues.
  • Do your own homework. Are they dreaming? seeing ghosts? feeling things so acutely it’s painful? Isolating themselves? Read up about it. Find your local curiosity shop and ask questions. If they are open to it, talk to family members. You will be surprised at what you may find in your lineage. Sometimes good stories are more than just that. Your knowledge and openness will allow you to take the journey with your child, put your mind at rest and perhaps find out more about yourself too.
  • Watch your words. Calling a teen a sensitive is waaaaaaay better than calling them a psychic or angel seer, or animal communicator between the ages of 13 and 19, The above “correct” or “formal” names may not be as kool as you may think it is! At around 17 is when they are really becoming confident enough to utilize those titles and labels.
  • Be gentle. Don’t push the topic. They are teens after all. if they don’t want to talk about it, that’s okay. Go find knowledgeable people who can help you with this. There may be a homoeopathic like Bach remedies that you can utilize around the house to help. Agrimony is a great one to help with the expression of one’s ideas, thoughts, and self.

Having a real psychic teen is a blessing. They see in ways that are astounding. Nurturing them can be a challenge. We call them spirited children. Not only because they are independent, adventurous creative creatures, but because they are connected to spirit, to so much more. As William Shakespeare wrote…

” There is More in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy”. 

Remember your teen is an individual whose mind, body and spirit is evolving and growing in ways we cannot see nor conceive. Watch them grow, be their guide, and above all encourage them gently and gracefully in the way of balancing mind, body and spirit.

Until next time…Stay In Tune, and Stay Blogged In.



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  1. Really great to read this, refreshing in fact, I’ve just made arrangements for my teen to meet a psychic, someone to really relate to.

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