Animals, like people, can be communicated with on many levels “The 5 love languages” by Gary Chapman is a people book that translates well to the animal world.

They, like us, have a primary and secondary language along with the remaining three. These languages (in no particular order) are:

  • Physical Touch
  • Quality time
  • Gift giving
  • Acts of service
  • Words of affirmation

Animals who fall under physical touch are usually the clingy, thin, nervous types continually having to be around their owner or someone who will cuddle, caress or talk to them endlessly.

One of my 4 cats has this as her primary language, quality time is her secondary. I happen to be the same only my primary is quality time.

Because we share the common love language of quality time, a knowing meow from upstairs affirms to me she is in a good place and with a sigh of contentment I go back to writing or reading my book. That is if she isn’t on my lap napping of course. it’s easy for us to spend endless hours of quiet sharing momentary glancing to make sure the other is okay.

At the moment owners are home more. When this time comes for things to open up, those with the love language of physical touch some may begin to show signs of stress and begin to over lick, birds may over preen their feathers, reptiles will do the cha cha in their terrarium looking for their owners.

If you have started something new like listening to music and you see this is something your animal seems to enjoy continue this routine when you get back to “life”. Leave it on while you are gone. Play it when you come home and make sure they get cuddle time to reassure them you will always be there.

Those animals who hoard toys or love to play with objects that are bought for them, could be speak the language of gift giving. They love their new squeakiest!

During quarantine it is easy to buy more out of sheer Boredom or even perhaps theirs. One or two is great, but leave the gift giving for when you go back. Not to say you should spoil them, but this is a way they feel loved. A new chew toy or seed stick for a cage are like “diamonds are a girls best friend” motifs for those humans who speak the same language.

The ones who need the reassurance, words of affirmation. They need to know somehow from their families, friends and even other pet pals that they have behaved well. The dog who wags his tale continually asking with his body “did I do a good job?” The ones that require acknowledgement with a kiss on the head, a pat on the back and a “what a great job you did” …the golden retrievers of the world.

Languages are not attributed to specific breeds. However, specific breeds sometimes lend towards specific languages. Border collies need to be put to work to fulfill there need to be of service and are typical of acts of service animals. Guide dogs, and compassion animals such as cats in nursing homes are other examples.

These animals can be very physical and may not necessarily need praise, but could. They may do their acts of service and require the gift of a treat afterward to feel completely fulfilled after their good deed for the day.

The quality time aspect along with acts of service is the time the owner spends with an Australian sheep dog on an agility course or herding sheep. This also addresses physical touch and the words of affirmation comes as praise at the end, just before the gift of a treat for a job well done. These 5 languages can be matched in many ways. We have all five. The top two are usually pretty easy to spot.

Knowing them will help you understand your animals needs not only during this time, but for always. Right now though this knowledge is a great ally in coping with the next transition. We want our fur family to be happy. We want them to feel as relaxed and loved as they can when the Change comes. Start now. Make your walks consistent and at regular times as before. Feedings need not change. Keep the norm as much as possible.

If animals are acting out because they need space, give it to them. Be in another room, take yourself for a walk the same time each day. Be as consistent as you can so going back won’t seem as shocking.

Above all….talk to them. They are also sensitive to how you are feeling right now. We are all experienced mixed bags of emotions and changing in positive ways that can feel difficult while the learnings and growth happen. Let them know what you are going through and let them be there for you. Be there for each other. Always remember, they hear you, they feel your emotions deeply, hide nothing from them as they would hide nothing from you.

Until next time…Stay in Tune, and Stay Blogged in!


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Angel Morgan is a psychic, animal communicator and energetic expert that has been working with people and pet pals for over 18 years. She loves talking about her passion through her blog and sharing information on how we can all connect to our intuitive selves more deeply every day to enrich our lives. She has travelled all over the world and worked with many teachers to learn about different cultures and ways of living energetically and intuitively. She has been recognized for her efforts, writing and work in the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun and many other well known outlets.

3 thoughts on “5 Love languages…for animals.

  1. Oh I love this! My kitties have such distinct personalities, and I now realize they have completely different love languages as well 😍 I’m gonna really tune in to what each one prefers!

  2. This is fantastic! I can honestly say that I’ve never thought about my animals having different love languages but they most definitely do. We have three cats who all have very different personalities. One being the nervous, thin cat that needs that reaffirmation of physical touch. Another cat just likes to be in the same room but not too close. The last cat loves words of affirmation. He will almost immediately start purring when you tell him he’s a good boy. What a great post. Thank you!

  3. I’ve never thought about animals having love languages. My dog would definitely be physical touch! I’ve never met a snugglier dog who has to be touching me/my boyfriend at all times.

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