My Mom always said where there is a will there is a way.

Through this isolation opportunity we have allowed ourselves to dream. The next step is to act. This inner call to action beckons us to do something about these new inspirations. Developing the dream to its fullest. Once it has outgrown the space in our heads it now begins to manifest into reality. We owe it to ourselves whether it is in business, love, family or health sectors of our lives to allow our journey to flourish.

We are all energetic. It really is a matter of acting on those moments of Intuition we like to call gut instinct.


Feel lifestyle, living our truth, influences every aspect of our lives. In self fulfilling we have the energy to fulfill the needs of others. It sounds selfish…it is.

With home based work and distance learning environments being the new norms, family living has changed too. Making a specific space uniquely yours energetically strengthens and focuses us while working or studying. Simple Feng Shui techniques or a manifestation board with pictures of goals, inspirations and loved ones might seem cheesy, but can take you to a new level of appreciation for combining home and work life while staying motivated.

The plants we choose can reflect our aspirations. Travellers might use African violets to activate their thoughts consciously or subconsciously about the exotic places they may visit. Basil for our gardens is an Italian symbol for prosperity and good finances, money plants and bamboo in the office, likewise remind us of what good fortune we bring to our families and keep our spirits high.

Even what we wear during the day for virtual meetings or classes…colours, shoes, our hair, should be considered and changed for at home evening activities like family movies and sit-down dinners to stimulate a different energy that will refresh you for the following day.


We had already started to hear about more purpose driven businesses coming to the forefront slowly shifting us from the idea of profit driven companies. These new companies have more compassion, environmental awareness. More people are interested in meaningful mandates that support growth and openness while still achieving monetary success.

Finding meaning in what we do is about acting on how we feel. The little voice that says it’s time for a walk, call that old colleague, take the day off are truths that, if followed, could lead to the most adventurous and innovative places of our hearts and minds. Those listening and following passions in work and education are finding happiness, money, and Health follows with it even through the roughest moments of this pandemic.

Health and Romance

a sense of well-being gives us the energy and motivation to be there for ourselves and others.

Life is still happening. We are energetic magnets that draw like kind…vibrations, situations, people and opportunities to us. Being in our gardens, long walks, coffee, alone time and a good book with a glass of wine are manifesting things in our lives we would never connect to these simple pleasures. Isolation has afforded us this opportunity to practice this new feel lifestyle.

Many are finding Living more truthfully brings health and vitality, energetic compatibility with work mates, friends, foods, fashion, lifestyle choices and ultimately bring us the intimate life partners that fit.

Asking ourselves what we enjoy, being brutally honest with what bothers us defines us as unique human beings and brings us our tribe. It seems so simple. It is. We feel guilt and anxiety when things are going well. We are conditioned that life is hard. What if we made it easy by balancing thought and feel….truth. It lies somewhere in the middle, and if we are quiet we will hear it. This brings us back to the beginning. The simple pleasures of life help us see our truths and in turn help us manifest on the highest of levels.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these insights. It’s been quite challenging navigating the current environment and I agree that connecting to ourselves and listening deeply to what we need and when we need it is the best foundation.

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