I’m tired. I sit here writing because my body for what ever reason at this unholy hour of 1:49am is telling me I have to keep going. My brain has pretty much checked out at this point.

A full day of putting my yearly schedule of classes together, working with clients giving them insights into their future, how they can heal, what their pet pals are saying, needing and craving has me both weary and wired.

It is a very odd feeling to be this asleep and yet so wide awake. My body tells me this is a “do nothing”. A time to just write so I can get away from work. My brain tells me I’m on crack and need to keep going, not to stop, be productive. It doesn’t seem to be registering time anymore. It hasn’t been for a while now. Like most, the ravages of isolation are starting to take its toll.

Having said that I have been fortunate. As tired as I am I have very little to worry about in my life, one of the reasons I can afford the luxury of being up so late. I tell myself I have clients in the morning (not a norm for me as I have become accustom to rolling out of bed at ungodly hours I shall not name). I try to set the good motherly example of popping out of bed like a piece of toast at 7am to ready my son for his online learning, but have discovered as of late that I have failed…..miserably.

in fact it has been my loving family that has roused me out of my slumber after a night of binge watching The Chilling adventures of Sabrina, American Gods and Last Kingdom. O where have the disciplined days gone of getting up to work out, eating well, and making myself ready for the tasks of the day. They….are….beyond…done.

Of course I am saying all this in my sleepy delirium and will most likely wake up, with the one thought in my head that I most commonly wake up with….Gotta feed the cats. I will stretch get up open the blinds in my room and outwardly say…Good morning world as I begin my day with a smile.

Until Next Time…Stay In Tune, and Stay Blogged In.


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