I have read many articles on what to talk about during a psychic reading….love, finances, health, death, moving, career, closure. Oddly enough I don’t get these questions often. It has made me think about what kind of questions readers could ask on their next visit to someone like me to make it a bit more interesting.

Here are some questions that might lead you in an unexpected direction...

  1. What is my animal spirit

What we learn through knowing this is what our purpose on this earth walk could be. In order to know what we are meant to do, the spirit animal is one clue amongst many that the universe has given us.

Snake: release burdens, help shed old ideas to slip into new ones.

Snake Careers: Radio announcers, hospice workers, psychics, lawyers

Otter: playfully was, family, togetherness

Otter careers: stay at home mom, day care, comedians, couple councillors

2. Is there a spirit that visits my home or family

We all feel it when a spirit is around. Acknowledging and knowing who it might be is the challenge. They could be loved ones, angels, or even ancestors. Don’t worry, asking these questions doesn’t mean you have a or nasty in the house.

3. How can I become more intuitive and connect to spirit

We are all intuitive. Having the opportunity to ask for this guidance will enhance you as a person, every aspect of your life, and the lives of others. We all have gifts. You probably already have an idea of what they are and use them spontaneously. This question will bring it to the forefront so you can start to use it consciously.

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The below are a few twists to more traditional questions one might ask


4. Is there anyone who needs healing right now? What are some ways I can send it?

This question goes beyond sons, daughters, husbands, and wives. You may be shown that your brother-in-law, who is the seemingly happy guy is depressed, or your grandmother three generations back is in a great deal of emotional pain. they may open your eyes to something you can do to heal your whole family with a family cleansing or clearing.

5. Do my pets have anything they would like to tell me?

How are my pets is very different than asking what’s they would like to say. This opens the door to deep, nurturing communication. animals have so much to tell us beyond whether they feel happy or sad. Asking them to speak their mind is a rich and meaningful question.

6. How are my neighbours?

Many times I have seen charitable work, Small acts that leads to a favourable outcome for so many. sometimes they are so obvious that it becomes a head smacker for the client.

7. What can I do to enhance my neighbourhood

Community is important. Ones happiness can lead to a more secure and happy unity. It takes a village after all.


8. Is their anything I can do to give back?

Sometimes giving back may be a fundraising event, a walk-a-thon, or food drive that you participate in. Some people are shown that with giving they will receive twice and three times over.

9. How can I make my work environment better?

This is an accountability question that takes courage. You may be the one that has to make changes to behavior. You could be shown a Feng Shui technique…perhaps a correctly placed plant that would change the physical environment helping unity and bringing more money into the business.


10. What can I heal on an emotional level

This encompasses more than one would imagine. Our emotional well-being is very dependant on our physical care, mental health, and spiritual growth. When our emotions are in check, all other levels will be in balance. This message can go so much deeper for some. There are those who will see the truth of their lives and where changes may need to be made in order to find emotionally healing.

Whatever your question the truth will always leave you feeling satisfied and empowered. A sense of well-being regardless of the message will fill your mind, body and hearts. The truth always sits well with both the querent and the reader because they come from a place of courage, love and faith.

Until Next time…..Stay In Tune, and Stay Blogged In!


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