I try to make this work and lifestyle relatable. I can’t do that without you. The wonderful open-minded people who follow me, read my blog, watch my Lives, and reach out to tell me they care.

It’s not an easy path we walk at times. It’s like that for all paths, jobs, and lifestyles. Ours is unique only because it deals in the intangible, the unseen aspects of life. In a “seeing is believing” driven society, we challenge the given precepts of what is acceptable.

That’s okay. That’s part of what we do as human beings. We challenge each other’s ideas so we can learn and grow

This is the key. To look at each person that we meet and say “What is it that I can learn from you?” Then we begin to see there is no one who is worthy of being judged, they are our next teacher. 

That’s part of the unspoken gift we are given as spirit walkers. We open the eyes of those willing to see to a whole other way of thinking, seeing living and being. It’s important to know that seeing the dead and talking to animals leads us down a path far greater than connecting to spirit. It deepens our own. 

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