When you look at who you surround yourself with, you are seeing aspects of you. This can be a pleasant knowing or one that makes you stop to take stock of your life.

Each person is a reflection, a mirror. Each thing they say to you or do with you is there to help you and them grow in some way.

There is no coincidence as to the people or energies in your life. Be accountable. You chose them energetically and sometimes before you came into this world.

Love them and appreciate them. Especially those that seem difficult or challenging. They show you your shadows as you show them theirs.

All are welcome into the circle, and all can leave as they please. If they match your vibe, they will be there. If not they will lovingly leave.

Your job is to work on you, take note of what and who you are attracting, then heal or shift according to what you want to manifest in your life. #lovelife

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