The next time you go to your closet take a breath. What outfit is calling to you? Which top, shirt, watch, shoes? What colour are they? What is their cut or style?

Intuitively we know somewhere deep inside what we need to feel better. Colours have been proven to help with just that.

If the colours clash? Don’t worry. Find a stone to carry, a ring or necklace to subtly accent your ensemble for the day.

Without realizing it you are ramping up your vitality, balancing your emotional state.

It benefits others too. When our eye falls on different colours throughout the day it nurtures us. We all need something to some degree to keep us healthy internally as well as externally. And when people look on us or are attracted to us it’s because we have something their spirit needs.

As we grow our sense of fashion, our look may change. As we shift on a spiritual level consciously or unconsciously, our taste in clothing, food, books, movies etc. changes too.

So when you look at yourself in the mirror remember, you are healing, growing and expanding who you are by what you choose to wear. Trust your gut. Trust the colours. Trust your knowing and play:)

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