My Psychic Mother

I asked my 11 year old son today to write an article about what it is like to be the child of a psychic mom. I thought for sure he would write about how weird it was and even tell some of our creepy stories. I was really surprised when he wrote this instead:

My psychic mother

Having a mom who’s a psychic has it’s ups and downs. The first thing I’m going to talk about today are the downs. having a psychic mom is fun until you turn 10 and she starts threatening to turn you into a frog(joking). One of the things that I don’t like about a psychic mom is I don’t like telling my friends what she does for a living. The reason that I don’t want to tell my friends that my mom is a psychic is if I do they probably think I’m a freak.

The reason they would think Im a freak is because they don’t think its a normal job, but it is.

Having a psychic mom is nothing special. She works at home, sometimes she works late hours. Its like any other job.

One of the good things I like about being “the child of a psychic” is that she works at home so I get to see her a lot. The reason it’s good having a mother and/or father who work at home is that you can bug them and thats always fun until you get in trouble(joking). the real reason it’s good having a mom who work at home is that you can learn from what there doing.

Another down to having a psychic mom is she can tell when your up to some thing bad(most of the time). The funny name I like calling her is weirdo(Joking). But she is different from other moms in the way she acts because she has a lot of other mothers coming in for readings and she gets ideas from them. so she always comes home with something new in mind for either a consequence or a reward. So it’s sort of a win win situation and that is the end of what it’s like to have a psychic mother. I feel normal.

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