Psychics…Lighten Up!

Good morning!

Today I….am…sick!

I rescheduled my appts so I can rest. I’m not good at that I would rather be at work psychically tuning in.

So, feeling like death I let my mind wonder… who would I visit if I were ghost…I saw myself as a an etheric spirit visiting my cats. I saw them dancing around my boyfriend to let him know I was there. I saw my cat swatting at me like a fly…Alone in my room… i burst out laughing.

I love my job. I get to talk to ghosts and animals everyday. I do take it seriously, however I noticed early in my career that people who come to see someone like me are usually nervous. Most are afraid of what they might hear from the great beyond. My main goal is to put them at ease as we allow spirit to come in and let messages unfold through the session .

I want people to understand that we are not there to scare them and the stereotype of the all knowing psychic wearing a babushka, sitting over her crystal ball menacing as she warns of doom is outdated and cinematic material at best.

We are funny! We do have a sense of humour. Even about ourselves. How many times have I broken a tense moment by saying “wow, and I’m the psychic, you think I would have known that!” Abrupt laughter always follows;)

There are times when being serious is required. When we must have a sense of decorum. Even then a polite joke to ease the person seeking answers is allowed. A gentle smile always tends to make the situation feel hopeful and empowering in some way.

I always ask spirit to give me a good memory to share before a spirit leaves the room. Inevitably they will, they are after all visiting to give some sort of peace, closure or answer.

I believe that at the core we are all good. We come in pure and we leave with learnings whether we acknowledge them or not. I believe that in the afterlife we become more aware. Not all of us, those who wish to move on.

When I do my shows there is an element of joy. Spirit is awesome. Animals are definitely the best when it comes to humour. I have spoken to poodles about the sardines their owners have given them, the smelly foot they sleep beside each night. My own cat went into the basement for the first time when we moved into our new home, and I heard…its a whole other down house Down here! Even in the most poignant of moments there is warmth. I recall taking our cat Mumbai outside in the summer for the first time after surviving the harshness of a bad Canadian winter. I remember hearing her say”it’s a big bad world out there, it’s a big bad world” the sound of her voice in my heart made me laugh a little, especially knowing she would be okay now.

love can be found in most situations, humour even more. We are here to help each other. The best medicine is humour, as the great doctor Patch Adams preaches everyday.

So for all the young psychics out there, don’t be afraid of messages to you get, or the things you see. Remember you are in control. You are the conduit. The more light you have in your heart the better work you will do, the more protected you will feel and the clearer the messages will be.

For those of you who are going to see psychics and readers…have fun. In the end you want answers, but remember that our work is empowering and that is what you should feel leaving anyone’s office or space.

So psychics…..remember to lighten up. luv a little and laugh a lot so that your connection to spirit is the strongest and best it can be:)

Stay in tune, and and stay blogged in….


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2 thoughts on “Psychics…Lighten Up!

  1. Hi Angel, just want to say how fantastic you are. I’m so happy that you have come to our town, when I come to see you I’m so excited and always bring new friends and family with me and they enjoy the time they spend with you. You are very good on helping us with our spirits that have passed and helping us with what paths are coming our way. Just want to give you a big thank you, from me and my family and friends.

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