In a relationship with a sensitive, intuitive or psychic? Read this…

There are many do’s and don’ts in relationships that can be applied to those who are involved with energetics.

However, what makes love different for us is that we can see the deepest parts of who you are. So if you are in a relationship or considering a relationship with someone like us. There are some things you need to know if you haven’t already experienced it already or feel confused about what may be going on with them.

This article is to help with clarity and to make couples stronger. I wish I understood this sooner. It would have made my already awesome relationship better, and keep me and others from my past from unnecessary heartache.

Don’t lie to a sensitive. Even better don’t lie to yourself if you can help it. Everyone lies, but Being with a psychic is going to make you a better person if you can be insightful and know yourself well.

  1. be gentle with you and your partner. It is important to listen in a relationship. It is imperative you listen with a sensitive. It’s not always going to be easy to hear what they have to say.
  2.  Remember, to be with someone special you have to be special too.
  3. Communicating how you feel to an energetic makes them feel secure and safe on deep levels. This can be said about most relationships, times that by 10 with an intuitive.
  4. Sensitives may come off as high maintenance, or scattered at times. remember they have a constant team of voices around them informing them of good, bad and ugly most people don’t know what to do with it. Be gentle and remember you chose each other for a reason. You love each other and in the end, it is worth it. You will both grow.

Okay, so here it goes…

Lies always get caught out, especially if you are with a psychic.

Someone who is sensitive may not know at first what is going on but they will feel it, they will feel you… the subtle changes in your energy. Your behavior may change but it will never be so palatable as your vibrational shift.

Those who are energetically inclined may even take on some of the traits of those in crisis around them. They may exhibit stress and anxiety and know it is not coming from them.

This is normally when gas lighting is involved. It is the biggest warning. This is when someone tries to make another believe what they are seeing isn’t actually happening. I learned a long time ago, trust you above all. Ask questions! Who, what, when, where and how is important in any relationship. It is imperative that a sensitive understand, learn and live this.

If a sensitive, empath or anyone who acknowledges their intuition knows they are being lied too, no matter how much someone tries to persuade them that what they see, feel and hear is crazy I promise you they will know. It will eat them up inside until it is fully acknowledge and comes to light. They will know, it’s whether or not they have the courage to acknowledge what they are knowingly or unknowingly “tapping into”.

“Somehow, someway those connected are protected.”

We are all channels, we are all given signs. Especially if asked for. The truth is inevitably revealed if we listen to our hearts, spirits and higher selves.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the spouse or intimate is cheating on them or they are in love with an axe murderer who is playing the part of PTA parent. It does however, mean that in those times where there is something amiss, a psychic partner is going to know.  It’s not easy to admit a loved one can lie to us or hurt us in anyway, or be in crisis and not be able to share that with us. It is important for the sensitive to bring it up. Listen without judgement.

If you are with someone who is psychic There are times when you won’t be able to see your own truth. Let them lovingly see for you. Be open to the possibility.

Also, remember that most people who are with psychics have an element of psychic in them. Like kind draws like kind. Let yourself see your own truth and feel the truth of the one you are with. Remember they love you and want the best for you.

If you are not ready to see or hear what they have to say be gentle. It’s not always easy for energetics to give information. Let them know that you will sit with it and come back to it when you are ready too. However, The reality is you will only get that which you are ready for, so seriously consider that too. Loving your partner means giving them the moment of connection you both may need to move forward in life, your relationship and in your individual growth.

Remember that we are mirrors for each other. We chose our loved ones because they can see us even when…especially when we can’t see ourselves.

This comes down to trust. It is what we all look for, and energetics need. We need those who trust us to see inside them and know we will not hurt them, and those whom we can trust to see inside us and feel safe around, so we can be ourselves without judgement.

It is not easy to find that person for a psychic. These special individuals are remarkable in their ability to understand, listen, be compassionate and patient.

I was once told “who would ever want a psychic with a kid” This statement could wreck the confidence and life of any young person developing who they are. There was never a doubt I could be loved for all that I am and having known that found that needle in the haystack.

This article is for both male and female energetics. We see now that both are emerging to share their gifts.

So, if you are with one of us above all be gentle with yourself and with them. Remember they are choosing to integrate their energy with you. By being with us you are giving us permission to go to the deepest parts of who you are. That’s not always easy to share with anyone let alone a psychic mate.

Be true to you and you will never tell a lie to anyone else. Be courageous and be insightful.

For those on the other end, the psychics, be careful. The information you have is special and at times private. Work with your partner lovingly. Respect what space they are in in their lives, but do not be afraid to speak gently what you know. It’s your energy too. If you are healthy so will they be and visa versa.

Remember if their are kids involved they may have inherited gifts too. They will be sensitive to what is happening around them. The more truthful we are to ourselves, the more at peace. The more at peace, the safer and more secure our kids will feel too.

It really is about creating unity and stronger ties. You don’t have to be professional energetics. Only aware and open human beings. Sensitive to those around you.

Be that. Be aware. This will lead to a true state of love and caring that will change your lives and the lives of those around you.


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