I frequently receive emails and messages asking if what people go through on an intuitive level is “normal”. If the experiences they are having are real. Opening up to the truth of who we are isn’t easy. Here’s why…

We go through many things as young children, teens and adults. For those who are energetics, discovering our psychic abilities can be very confusing, scary and in some cases traumatizing.

Healing communities are coming together to better recognize intuitives.

Traditionally, many intuitive individuals have been dismissed as delusional by family, friends and society in general.

Especially in North America they tend toward self-destructive behaviours like alcohol, drugs or sex. Some are put on medications for things they see, hear, and feel.

In dire cases they may be diagnosed as schizophrenic , bi-polar, or with split personality disorders.

The good news is many medical professionals are beginning to accept alternative therapies and recognize that addressing emotional/spiritual aspects of who we are alongside the mental/physical helps to discern between healthy intuitive individuals and those suffering from true mental illness.

There are also those in many cultures who can assist with this. Our medical communities are now opening up to the idea of working with medicine people, energy healers, and holistic practitioners, recommending and referring those in our field of expertise to support their work.

It isn’t that hard to find those to share your experiences with.

Many years ago I began to see. It was almost over night like a blind person regaining sight all at once. It was scary, overwhelming and I didn’t know where to turn. Reluctantly, I reached out at a little store I knew of. I felt crazy. As time went on the things we talked about started to make sense. Little insights I was given on what to do during an “episode” ( as I would call them) began to work. I read and researched, began to confide in close and trusted friends and family. went back to ask more questions. I found what many of us look for…a safe place.

Movies, books, social media, groups, chat rooms, encourage safe conversation.

Unbreakable with Bruce Willis is by far my favourite movie on this topic. The emotional journey of the hero felt quite accurate. Solace with Anthony Hopkins is another accurate portrayal of these unique talents and skills. “The Dead Zone” (the tv show) season 1 explains psychic work, what it really is and how it is viewed by others.

The “gifted” can live socially normal and acceptable lives, but have the opportunity to live exceptionally successful and empowering lives if taught how to focus and nurture what is naturally a part of who we all are. 

We are a wonder as individuals and as a species. We are only now maturing and allowing ourselves to grow into our limitless potential as human beings. We are ever evolving and finally starting to realize that this evolution goes beyond the physical being and lives that we lead.

Stay In Tune….and Stay Blogged In.


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