I don’t understand what happened this morning, but I had no article to write. Until this began to flow……

This power within you is not yours to keep, but to be a keeper of. It is a sacred flame. you are to protect it and work with it. You are to help it grow within you, knowing all along it is not yours. These abilities are a gift. You are meant to share them. Touch others with them so they see that same gift within themselves. Each breathe we take is an ancestors breathe that they themselves took, like others before them. They share their stories with us on these breathes even now, today. With that breathe we are fanning a flame. A flame of energy that grows inside us to be shared with others so they too can fan the flame they are the keepers of.

When we drink water we nurture this gift we are given as if it were a child in the womb. When we work with this power we are playing in the sand as we would play with other children in a park or a forest. The more we run and laugh and hold it sacred within us, we embrace it. Like a puppy or kitten that is new to us, it will inch closer until it embeds itself in our hearts, spirits, minds then finally it snuggles in so tightly to us that we could never imagine our lives without it. This will only grow stronger as we learn to embrace it by letting go of the thought it is ours at all.

The pipe carriers of the native tribes know they are the keepers of a sacred energy that is the pipe. The pipe is alive.

So is this energy we call intuition, psychic ability, healing energy. It belongs to all of us, we are all special, and gifted energies. It just is. It is gifted to us and grows only if we let it flow through us knowing we need only to trust this power and allow it to guide and focus us. In doing so it will allow us to guide and focus it.

We can witness the shaping and reshaping within us feeling the differences as we birth and re-birth ourselves along this journey. You are one carrier of this sacred energy. Each of us having a piece to play and a particle of it to hold.

In this understanding as a united community of humans, animals and living beings, the puzzle picture will then become clear. We must each nurturing what has been entrusted to us. Allowing it to become fully a part of us entwining into the very fabric of our beings and yet it’s own life. It is why we struggle. We know our part to play and want everyone to play their part, but we are still awakening to the understanding of the sacredness that lay inside us. A seed planted, watered, flamed and danced with in joy and harmony with others of all kinds who are of like kind. Then and only then can we truly heal the earth and ourselves.

By letting go of this power and energy we think is ours, it will present itself to each of us.

By acknowledging each new experience as it happens, letting it happen, watching it, learning from it, listening to it, we begin to awaken and realize this energy we are keepers of becomes the most beautiful painting, animal, piece of music we have ever known. Colours become brighter, sounds become more accute, connecting, communing and uniting with the all. Life takes on new meaning.

You will Breathe in rhythm with this energy until the flame becomes so immense within you that it cannot be kept inside. It will burst free into the world as a living manifestation of who you are and the universe within You. It will become you. You will become it…One with a living energy that cannot be possessed, but can only be embraced, trusted to be a part of our lives as each days setting of the sun, and the stars lighting the skies.

It is not your to have, it only ours to hold. This is the way of the true psychic nature within us all.

Until Next Time…Stay In Tune. And Stay Blogged In!


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