When I write about being psychic, I am writing about all of us being psychic. We each have unique abilities. The variations are truly limitless, and we “see” in a plethora of wonderful ways. So many I couldn’t begin to cover them all.

We have heard of Seers, the ancient oracles of Greece, animal communicators, mediums, and empaths. The following are some of the more unique skills I have encountered.

I could see what he was seeing through my eyes.

A tantalizing and rare ability, this gift can only be described as cinematic. Powder, the 1995 film about a boy with such a gift gave the adage “if only you could see what I see” a whole new meaning.

Late one night, an eerie figure stood across the sidewalk in the doorway of a little store. In my vision I saw an older male. In a flash it peering through our car window

“Um….there’s a man standing next to the car” said my date. “I know, can you describe him?” “he’s standing right here, can’t you see him? Look!” He grabbed my hand shifting the tall ghost, ashen, drawn, and weathered face from my vision into physically reality. I didn’t know what to say. “Do you see it?” “Um…yeah” I said sitting back in quiet shock and awe….It was crazy! I was smitten.

Movies imitate life more than we know

Television shows, like Buffy the vampire Slayer, Romanticize those who have the uncanny ability to “hunt” lower energies.

These very real creatures cause chaos, corruption, and havoc on the lives of those they torment. Black masses attached to human beings, imp like shapes, or sexually seductive creatures that manipulate and control are rare, but exist.

People with these gifts sense these entities, see them and connect to them on a level that would rival any film imagery one would dare to imagine. Dealing with them becomes a lifestyle. Sometimes a very lonely one.

Walking the dead….Transition workers

Some cultures call them Juju people, others call them cross roads keepers. They seem to be present at accidents, someone’s last breathe or even take on jobs such as paramedics, hospice workers, or work in palliative care services. They can see the dead lift from their bodies and release. For some it’s so normal, that may think we all experience death the same way. Many have the unique gift of detachment and seem insensitive. This spares them from images, feelings and the stories of those other worldly things they encounter on a daily basis.

The master manifestor

As children “The charmed ones” must be taught just because you can have it, doesn’t mean you should.

My then 5 year old son desperately wanted a fishing rod with fish magnet game. At the time he had toy room fit for three children.

After a day of tantrums we went to a restaurant where there happen to be a compassionate waiter. Knowing nothing of our situation, but Seeing my young son so distressed, the nice young man went out of his way to fetch a clown who had been performing for a birthday party in another room.

Making time for a personal table appearance with the cross armed toddler he very cheerfully began , “Let’s see now little boy what can I do for you?…I know…” he reached into his bag and brought out a balloon. He twisted and turned them gracefully. Pulling here and twisting there until lo and behold….”he made a fishy with a fishing rod…..

I turned to my son now giggling with delight and said, “how did you do that?” his responded, “I’m magick mommy”.

we all have abilities, it’s to what degree.

We all have parts of our brain that are triggered by events that can cause our spidey senses to surface. When they do, they must be acknowledged, explored, and nurtured properly. Most people find their abilities so natural they never ask the question….does anyone else experience this? It is a rare few that have the switch on at all times, and more rare to find those with their psychic switch turned to full.

Conversations about the psychic world are plentiful and easy to find with the help of technology. However, simply asking to be shown what your unique gifts may be will begin an adventure that will take you places only the dreamer, the curious and the brave dare go…To the truest parts of your nature.

Cheers Everyone!

Stay In Tune….and Stay Blogged In.



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