So, a whole other lifetime ago I was a singer/actor. I travelled all over the world doing work in film, theatre and finally on a cruise line. As I was exercising today I decided Harry Belfonte was striking my musical mood.

Recently, I injured myself and cannot for the moment run. I can weight train and have found today that I can also dance with no pain. So I did. I brought back those feelings that I had as a child and when I was on stage. Alone, listening to music on YouTube with my wireless beats that seamlessly match my hair and are completely invisible so I could look and feel like Cyd Charisse (in my mind).

Those who know me know my dad was a dancer. And as a child, he taught me a few ballroom moves. He was amazing to watch. His career was done by the time I came along, but when we had celebrations I would watch him glide across the floor with Fred Astaire like class, and style. Tall and thin moving gracefully across a half-lit room at a wedding or other family event, these became some of my most beloved memories. Those, along with being in the basement of our home listening to Sinatra, Elvis, Belfonte and of course his fave Dean Martin.

I also discovered today why I look like a chicken when I dance:) no it’s true. All those choreographers and my dad telling me to much upper body finally clicked all these years later lol! I am tired and sweaty and used my impromptu choreography to “Come back Liza” And “Blues is the man” as my cardio between arm and ab reps.

I’m writing this today because I want anyone reading this to know there is always time to re-experience the joy you felt when you are younger…you can re-experience your past in a fun and inspiring way… You can have fun reliving some of those memories even if you have to close your eyes, or your curtains and crank up the music to do it! It can be thrilling and inspiring. I was back in my basement as a little girl choreographing great Broadway musicals again….and I loved every second of it all over. Remembering the past can lovingly create a now that can inspire your future. Have fun, remember and let it invigorate you to see how far you have come in your oh so wonderful life.❤️

Until Next Time….Stay In Tune, and Stay Blogged In.


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  1. Very true dear. I also have a flash of image when I was sitting on a fine day that I was an Egyptian Queen. I saw the servants lavishing oils on my body in a bath. And on this present Im so drawn with every oils I can get.

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