Being yourself is always impressive. The true nature of a person will always shine through. Always start a relationship with honesty. Bring yourself truthfully to the table and let others do the same. This nurtures stronger, lasting relationships that will draw those to you who will always be by your side.

1. Right attitude, gratitude, focused and fun.

Sir Richard Branson inspires. Why? he loves life, his family, has an amazing sense of direction with his company and LOVES to share his enthusiasm and passion for whatever it is he seems to do.

His marketing people do a great job with his image, but take a look at his pictures. They don’t lie. They capture the true spirit of a person. Tribes in some cultures won’t have their pictures taken. They believe it will capture their souls. In a way it does. Norman Rockwell paintings exude the authentic, genuine human experience. The eyes, the lines, the truth.

2. Influencing others starts with us.

Starting your morning with 3 positive things about yourself will bring people and situations of like kind into your day.

Before opening your eyes the subconscious is wide open, the mind receptive. Once open, the conscious mind takes over and shuts down the subconscious making it harder to “program”.

“Today is an amazing day, everything goes my way” I say this affirmation 3 times, take a breath and open my eyes. You can change the message to suit what kind of day you wish to have.

3. Do something that makes you happy.

“magnet” personalities self fulfill. They are strong energies that everyone wants to be a part of.

Make a list of things that inspire you. Do at least one or two of them a week. For me mountain biking, art, the gym, cooking, reading, jazz, singing, going to the radio station. Those help to recharge my batteries!

4. Truly listen and engage in conversations.

Listen with your whole being. Your body language will give you away if you are not interested, so don’t fake it. start the Have conversations you want to invest in it…don’t force it. Be truthful to others and yourself. If you are interested make eye contact and keep from crossing your arms or legs, this closes you off and can seem intimidating.

5. Money doesn’t win everyone over.

Not everyone needs to know how much you make, or what expensive item you recently purchased. My favorite people are those whose humility exceeds their ego.

However, There is such a thing as too much humility. It makes you a doormat for people you would rather not attract. People who are takers leave you feeling drained. Ego and humility in balance is interesting and attractive. It always entices the right people to your door.

My mandate is to energetically inspire and empower. If this article helps then I have won someone over today, and helped someone in the process.

Until Next Time… Stay On Tune, And Stay Blogged In


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