I am consistently asked how I do what I do. I am unique. All readers are in their abilities. I become my client. I become the spirit that is visiting. I read through your own abilities. Through me, you can see them.

If a spirit was feel based in life, I become that. I can feel their happiness, anger, sadness as they would have felt it, or need me to feel it so I can translate for them accurately.

I see their history, I see yours. I feel your needs. So does spirit, that’s why they bring you to one like me.

We are not scary because we see. We are deemed scary because of what you think we might see. The deepest parts of who you are, and what you might need.

Like computers we all network, intricately passing data between us continuously. My ability is to read that data. My ability allows me to connect to your guides, guardians, angels and other members of your IT team to get information and answers.

My ability helps you see more clearly your own spirit in order to enhance you on this physical plane. It helps you connect more deeply so you can know your own abilities in order to feel empowered and whole.

I feel what you feel, I see what your soul sees. For one moment our spirits touch and we work as one.

This is the psychics way. It is ancient, natural, and within us all.

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