When we live a feel lifestyle and connect to our intuitive selves, we are not working and manifesting alone.

Energy comes together. It does not recognize good or bad, heavy or light. It gives you what you feel. That is your part in the co-creation of your life. Knowing what you want by being specific which leads to your truth feeling it deeply.

We always hear the voice of our creator figure. We hear it encourage our feel if we are on the right track, or discourage our thoughts if we are about to make a misstep. It is up to us to listen.

That is the art of co-creation. The ability to listen to your truth, the input of spiritual others or energies, and then act. This is what is known as being in “the rhythm”.

Every second of everyday we are co-creating. How deep a breathe we take to the next life changing decision. Every moment we are assisted by our higher selves and our own hearts. In every way we are protected and guided.

The next time something seems to “go wrong” in your life, evaluate. How did I get here. What was my part in this co-creation. What can I learn so I can make stronger choices next time and co-create a better outcome. Pat yourself on the back for being accountable and acknowledging the learning.

The next time something “goes right” remember what brought you here. What was the process you went through. What did it feel like to get to this point. Rmemeber the journey so you recognize the energy of strong choices and co-creating well:)

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