I am quite often asked how I connect to spirit without the person or pet present.

How am I able to connect to the living and “tap” as easily as I can to the dead?

The body is a casing in which the spirit resides so that it can experience a physical existence.

The ghost within is energy. Energy exudes from every pore of who we are. It creates an energy field around us. That energy field connects to everything around it near and far.

Like computers network with each other, we are bio computers downloading each other’s information constantly.

I am able to network with anybody, anywhere, any time. The skill is in knowing when, if I should tap in, and how to deliver the message.

The spirit is free, and allows us to go as deep as we need to in order to heal, grow and serve our community.

Each time we have a thought or feeling we are expressing it energetically. The spirit wants to reveal itself. We see it in art, nature, and life in all its forms.

Our spirits are free. Our only job? Follow where it leads, feel every moment, and connect.

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