I love being psychic. My journey started over 20 years ago and I am still learning, growing and sharing with others.

My path started late in life…officially. Truth be told I have been talking to animals and spirits my whole life. Like many others tho, I didn’t know this was a natural part of who I am.

I stepped on this path when I decided to randomly buy a deck of cards one day. I kept pulling a raven from the deck that squawked endlessly in my head each time I drew it. “Look for the Raven, Look for the crow!” I ultimately found him on a a little store north of toronto called The Hedge Witch. A small unassuming place that some say you will only find when you are ready. I was ready, I just didn’t know it yet.

It was the place I had my first psychic reading. A place where I eventually worked and learned. The years I spent there were so different than the way I grew up. Every Friday like clock work I showed up to the list of clients I would be reading. Some days were slower than others, and on those days I shadowed anyone I could…talking, laughing, learning about the esoteric, but more so I learned about me.

I learned with these women how to connect to other women. About my own sense of the world, where I fit into it, and why I never felt like I did.

I learned I had abilities that went beyond what I knew. I was given the space, time and nurturing I needed to become who I am today.

Over that nine years I made friends, had magickal (literally) adventures, was the student and taught students. The day I left was miserable.

We all know when it is time to spread our wings. That decision isn’t always an easy one. When I left I made a pact to always remember where I came from. Teach that this is important…to stay rooted in your beginnings.

I failed for a while. I entered the arena of media and became more focused on business than my path. I loved the buzz I felt from my ability to be independent and do what so many other esotericas could only dream of…make a living and support my family as a psychic. It was empowering.

I loved my work and those I worked with, but I was losing site of who I was. The earthy Wylde woman who flew off to different countries on a whim to see medicine people, that person who sat under the moon with a cup of tea talking about what I wanted to manifest in the coming month.

I had to step back. Enter the balance.

The first conversation after my full moon hiatus was to ask for that one who complimented and grounded me. Four days later I was gifted with the one I would spend the rest of my life with. He challenged me, he grounded me in ways I did not expect, and heightened my work in ways that shocked me. He was nothing like me…and my mirror.

A whole new phase had begun. He took my hand and became father to my fatherless son, best friend to my animals. He wasn’t at all what I anticipated. He filled in gaps I didn’t even know needed filling in my life. It made new space in my heart to grow.

I was, and am, expanding as a person and as an energetic, embrace who I am, walking the paths I need to walk, and seeing the things I need to see in a way of truth, light and humility as the wise woman.

I have been told that I am looked on as an elder now. My age dictates that, Altho I may not seem it in appearance. My wants needs desires have changed since I first stepped on this path. I no longer feel the need to run away in moments notice. I like the quiet of the day rather than the hustle and bustle of going to the office, or making a media appearance.

I talk to animals and nature in a deeper more clear way than I ever have. I am enjoying the process of my wheel turning from maid to mother and now to crone.

I feel quietly empowered as I sit with my coffee writing and knowing that I will be in nature as I speak with clients and guide other, younger more gifted people than myself. I crack a knowing smile now when younger people speak. One that only those with life experience can crack.

My life is blessed with stories and adventures, magick and mayhem. Regrets are few and wants are fewer. A life well lived, and living to now feel every moment and ounce of life.

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