When life gets tough, I turn to my animals.

Not just the ones o have at home, but all those in the world that need my help as an animal communicator.

Everyday I delve into the lives of horse, dogs, cats, geckos, elephants and any species that comes to me. I help them be stronger in their every day lives.

Like humans they care, they feel, they laugh, they cry, they embrace each moment on such pure levels that it makes me wonder how we can reconnect to that deep part of ourselves.

I was pondering this yesterday before my meeting with Timothy, a Scottish terrier.

Half way through our reading I randomly heard, “Just love” I asked him who this was for, and almost dismissively, I heard “you”. I was a bit confused. “What do you mean?” I asked. “This morning you asked yourself how can we reconnect to the deepest parts of ourselves. Just love….and play with a shoe if you like” (this being the core reason for his owners call)

I laughed. Wow! I thought. Here I am trying to get into his head and he’s getting into mine. How Kool is that.

It reminded me that animals can download our thoughts, images, feelings. Whole lifetimes can be acquired in moments. They do this in order to choose us, help us, and understand us. It is a gift that humans are only now remembering.

Today I am writing about this experience to remember it, and to tell you dear reader that in your most loving of times, uncertain of times, and times of growth, your animal hears you and knows you. Turn to them, include them, let them be a part of your journey in every way.
They connect to us deeply and know so much about us that sometimes they are our best councillors, friends and family members. Hold them, hug them, thank them for their very presence in your lives.

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