What a crazy week! I have had so many parents and grandparents come to me about children who are seeing spirits and experiencing the paranormal in their homes! I had to write about

Let’s start from the start

Children and animals are naturally open to receiving. From birth to age seven we see with our whole eye. Our peripheral vision is one way of seeing beyond the veil. For some kids “seeing” is so normal it has no affect on them or their daily lives.

School age children are taught to focus, using more of the centre or pupil of the eye. Things that we see in our periphery, momentary sightings are now imaginary and reserved for movies.

We do this to protect our children. Help them feel more empowered and less afraid of what goes bump in the night. However, some children can’t get away from the bumps even as they get older.

Children as young as 2 years old are trying to express their experiences in any way they can. Some will sit and speak to seemingly thin air, others point, giggle and smile to let us know an ancestor, guide or guardian is there. Some Little eyes see things in the dark they may not understand, and to them this may seem frightening.

Children going through traumatic experiences at a young age may see things to gain attention or because they are unable to consciously process their situations. Divorce, illness, death of a loved one, even a new nanny or starting school can be a catalyst.

Things to look for and do when children are “seeing”

– They tell you a family member has been taking to them. They may be able to give some detail they couldn’t possibly know about.

– They are talking to someone or something that’s not visible to you. They can describe what they are wearing and what they look like.

– pet pals won’t go in the room or they become protective of a child who seems unaffected.

But how do you know it’s real?

Many children wake up in the middle of the night claiming to see ghosts or monsters. In this and any of the above scenarios questions and normalizing the experiences are key. Let them know it’s okay and they are safe. Dismissing what they saw as fictitious can lead children hiding future experiences

Assess….asking questions like, “What did they look like?” “What were they wearing?” “Did they say anything?” Or “Is there anything else you would like to tell me?” Can gently open discussion and make a child feel that you are interested and safe to talk to.

It can also help determine if spirits are family members (ex. they may be wearing a favourite item of clothing). It can determine the time period that a spirit comes from, and more importantly what they may want.

Don’t push, be gentle, most times actual visitation are people who love us. Kids will give you what they can. Remember this is new to them and they are looking to you to guide them as much as keep them safe.

Children processing trauma may connect what they see to the experiences they are having during the day (like the monster took mommy, or it had big googly eyes and was carrying a ruler with abcs on it and wanted to chase me). Again, don’t dismiss them, be gentle, and know this may require further investigation.

Children having genuine experience will not only have descriptions of things that are beyond their years, they will be detailed. You may have a visceral reaction to what they say or how they say it, don’t dismiss your intuitive cues.

Along with ancestral spirits, some gifted children may see angels, guides, guardians or what I like to call other worlders. These can range from anything that looks like a creature from Star Wars to animals or animal type entities.

Some children may have messages from the other side. Listen, dismiss nothing.

Helping kids and parents feel empowered!

Letting kids know they have power in the situation is healthy too. Let them know that if something does come to visit they can tell it to go away. They are in control and it is their room and only those they want in it can be there. This makes a child feel empowered and teaches them boundary setting that will also influence how they behave in their every day interactions. Let them know it’s okay to talk to you and you will listen.

So what can you do as a parent or guardian? Set up rules. Sit down quietly and state that this is your home and only those who are conducive to your families well being are allowed to enter, or cross your threshold.

Ask angels to guard the perimeter of your home so nothing can come through that will frighten or upset your family.

State that if anyone wishes to visit, they cannot present themselves to those who will be afraid of them. Not allowed! Items of protection are useful too. (Crystals, iron keys, a lilac tree outside the home)

Remember, this is your space, and your home. Including your children on these moments will help them to understand that not only is there a world beyond what they see, but that it doesn’t have to be scary, or overwhelming.

If you feel more is required reach out to a skilled practitioner that comes recommended or that you trust in your area. This work can also be done distance so don’t be afraid to go outside your time zone if you are called too.

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